Flag OT Success Stories

We at Flag Land Base make OT’s; that is our business. And our OT’s have major stable wins and huge successes in life. We share a few of their millions of their success stories here.


Hector B., New OT III, New York City: I have never had luck with the ladies. After completing the SRD, I postulated a 2D. Suddenly, I met Juanita and asked her to marry me a week later. We are to be married at Flag this summer after she completes the Purification Rundown. I want my wife to be clean and not have a drug haze or drug residues in her body. Thank you COB!


Bryce M. New OTV, Sydney: After finishing the Basics, I realized my power as a thetan. I postulated a sweet ride and a pair of badass Nike Air Foamposite One’s and bingo! I now have a sweet ride, my Nikes, and am changing traffic lights from red to green by putting out intention beams! Thank you COB!

Tom C., New OT VIII, Hollywood: Woooooooohooooo! I’m in love! She’s the one! I am so like…….wooooooooooooohoooooooooooo! Just wait until I get her incisor teeth filed down!!!! The wedding is in July and only real OT’s are invited!!! No SP’s or Shelly are allowed!!! Thank you sir, thank you COB!!!!


Denise M., Entire Bridge Retread 3x, Clearwater: After finishing the Ups and Downs in Life course at Flag, I cognited that trading weed for rent money is out ethics. Thank you COB.


Gerald C., Grade 0 Completion, South Africa: My billionaire OT parents in California hate me for being fat, dumpy, downstat, and embarrassing. After completing Grade 0, I began working out and losing weight. I hope my parents will allow me to come back home.


Brad and Sissy L., New OT VIII’s, Miami: Sissy and I have it all as OT VIII’s. We take great pride in our knowingness that we are part of the most spiritually elite group on the planet. It all became so easy and effortless when my SP father dropped his meat sack and I inherited hundreds of millions of dollars. Sissy and I are so much like COB: We don’t want any children because children are dangerous BT-infested little meat bodies who will only get in the way of our Bridge progress on OT IX and OT X. Thank you COB!

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