Give Billy Eichner All the Emmys for This “Escape from Scientology” Obstacle Course

We in the Church of Scientology highly recommend OT Billy Eichner’s “Escape From Scientology” video. Billy is hereby awarded his Bridge to Total Freedom at 50% off list price. Billy Eichner is also awarded a Medal of Valor just like the one Tom Cruise was awarded by our glorious and infallible leader COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige.

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  1. I for one find this wog video completely and totally offensive. This is NOT an accurate depiction of the Scientology Religion (® © ™). Everyone knows that the Scientology Religion (® © ™) would be represented by a vast array of IAS regges, Ethics Officers, MAAs, OSA operatives (lawyers, spies, PIs, squirrel busters, PR spin doctors, Freedom Magazine contributors, safe-pointers, old school GO staff, etc.), sec checkers, body routers, stress testers, B, C & D list celebs and lots of other fun people. The Scientology Religion (® © ™) should not tolerate this sort of Joking & Degrading for even one minute. I’m going to start a campaign to get this terrible, bigoted, hateful, intolerant video removed from YouTube. That will show those DBs!!!! They will soon be in full retreat just like they were back in ’08 when the Scientology Religion (® © ™) slammed ethics in on Anonymous. I don’t think that they ever recovered from that blow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Besides, this video made a very inaccurate and disparaging comment about Shelly Miscavige. She doesn’t hang out in a pool of Jello (® © ™). She is hard at work at an undisclosed location (that none of us have the f-#^%*g rank to ask about) making it possible for the Scientology Religion (® © ™) to expand at unprecedented rates of orders of magnitude hitherto unknown to this sector of the GaLaxEee.

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