Captain David Miscavige’s New Book Now Available!


“Destined to become the definitive text for global ecclesiastical leaders everywhere, Captain David Miscavige’s The Art of Ecclesiastical Stage Design: A Study in Scientology Understatement offers vital data on how to drain the bank accounts and credit cards of fearful, vacuous, status-seeking parishioners by overwhelming and implanting them with bombastic speeches, warnings of impending Armageddon, empty promises, misleading depictions of stat-like graphs, veiled threats, and musical fanfare while promising and delivering to them absolutely nothing of value. A must have for ecclesiastical leaders who need boatloads of cash and want to avoid all possible legal problems and lawsuits.”— Ecclesiastical Leaders Weekly Magazine

As a bonus for purchasing this handsome volume ($4999.95 USD), Bridge Publications will include a free VHS copy of David Miscavige: Global Ecclesiastical Leader and Hero. Valued at $999.95, this VHS tells the story of how David Miscavige singlehandedly beat back the forces of 4D Psych suppression to make the Church of Scientology what it is today: The fastest growing and most respected religion on the planet!

3 responses to “Captain David Miscavige’s New Book Now Available!

  1. Gone are the days when a couple of swag lamps and throw pillows would do the job. COB, who knew interior design was your forte. Simply boffo.


  2. Jeffry, you are on your game. You cracked me up. Also loved the straight up and vertical prison.


  3. That Ron dude who came before COB was pretty clueless when it came to stage design.


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