Captain David Miscavige’s New Book Now Available!


“Destined to become the definitive text for global ecclesiastical leaders everywhere, Captain David Miscavige’s The Art of Ecclesiastical Stage Design: A Study in Scientology Understatement offers vital data on how to drain the bank accounts and credit cards of fearful, vacuous, status-seeking parishioners by overwhelming and implanting them with bombastic speeches, warnings of impending Armageddon, empty promises, misleading depictions of stat-like graphs, veiled threats, and musical fanfare while promising and delivering to them absolutely nothing of value. A must have for ecclesiastical leaders who need boatloads of cash and want to avoid all possible legal problems and lawsuits.”— Ecclesiastical Leaders Weekly Magazine

As a bonus for purchasing this handsome volume ($4999.95 USD), Bridge Publications will include a free VHS copy of David Miscavige: Global Ecclesiastical Leader and Hero. Valued at $999.95, this VHS tells the story of how David Miscavige singlehandedly beat back the forces of 4D Psych suppression to make the Church of Scientology what it is today: The fastest growing and most respected religion on the planet!

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  1. Does the video come in Betamax format? As a firm believer in old technology (just like my church, I cant say who they are) I am very interested!


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