Scientology Fundraising in Action!

“You goddamn #*^&@#* SP! You call yourself an OT while you’re holding out on Scientology! Where’s the rest of your &*^(% money!”

“You call $1,000 a donation?! You’re not even close! Hand over the rest of your ,(&^*@# money to the IAS now!!!!”

Finally, an outdoor Comm Ev at St. Hill following a lackluster and less-than-heroic and fully monumental donation to the IAS:

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  1. Back when this was a properly run cult, members had no problem giving money to a drug addled, sociopathic liar with bad teeth. Maybe today’s clams just resent giving money to a well dressed dwarf with temper control issues. Or, it could be just as simple as the hair cut. You might mention to COB to ditch the pompadour and try the Pat Riley/Gordon Gekko look. If that doesn’t work…try breath mints.


  2. The Scientology sacraments performed above (very similar to the Christian mystery where water is turned into wine) are shown performed by trained Scientology clergy. These religious rites are not only protected under the US Constitution, but also by US copyright law.

    The church is officially on record warning everyone to avoid watching these videos. This is the same position we took in the Wollersheim case where as a result of upper level OT material leaked to the internets, global deaths from pneumonia spiked 1000x when wogs attempted to view unauthorized material. To prevent a similar tragedy, avert your eyes here as well and carry on.

    Remember and repeat to yourself, Scientology is just like any other religion (on steroids).


  3. the Girl Scouts of the USA, (in which I am a troop leader) do not have violence: They just whine & pout and cry during the meetings…..But I often remind them to always think for themselves and NEVER BE FOLLOWERS!


  4. I am crying…the physical beating is comparable to the mental beating I have experienced. It’s just as brutal.


  5. For a so-called spiritual organization (religion) they do seem way too much fixated on the extraction of cash — a very secular, worldly thing.


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