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    • By the time you finish the first one, you will have to start again because the previous ‘courses’ will have been declared ‘squirrely’. Nuts included, in fact you’ll have to spend one of your ‘clears’ on a very long purif and lots of sec checking for all the ‘squirrelyness’.

      You will need ten, and that will make the C/S and auditor very happy, In fact they may celebrate with a Happy Meal. Fortunately, the $cieno Happy Meal includes a plastic bust of Lron on one side and on the other side, COB!!! Lucky you. Now you can glue it to your dashboard and have the smoldering gaze of either Lron or COB either watching you, or watching out for traffic. Have them help you run through all the traffic lights and get you those treasured parking spots.


  1. This seems blatantly out exchange…less than $20k to clear, but with prices this low COB’s master plan for planetary clearing and org takeovers by SO begin to make sense to the less far sighted.

    One question…does the price include caek?


    • Lou, did you see that? “Does the price include include caek?” he asks! The nerve of this SP! Go tell ’em the price includes a free KNUCKLE SANDWICH and then throw him in the dungeon!


    • We in RTC are keeping our eye on you Dr. Strabismus — you and that demented nurse of yours.

      BTW, ahh, if, err, we have a friend who happens to be in Basel at present and wants to stop in Utrecht for her singular ministrations what is her fee per hour?


      • Nurse Tsai-Chin Proutley is on sabbatical at the moment (a long-anticipated seminar on sand-gargling and macrobiotics in Ulan Bator) but her locum, Sister Ermintrude Catheter will be providing similar treatments (prices on application only) at our Regent Street establishment. It looks like your ‘friend’ is in SERIOUS need of therapy:
        Shortarse 55th


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