COB RTC David Miscavige Most Important Man on Earth


Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 
From: Sacramento OT Committee <sacotc@sacramentootc.org>
Reply-To: Kay Daly <sfkaydaly@gmail.com>
Subject: The IAS in a nutshell – from the Hechtmans


From our viewpoint, COB is the most important man on earth: he is driving the expansion of Scientology, the only hope this planet has.

He has pulled off miracle after miracle for Scientology: handling the IRS, restoring the Basics to the original LRH and releasing them, recovering all of the congresses, all of the ACCs, getting them translated into many different languages, planning and executing the Ideal Org campaign, developing and releasing GAT 2, etc., etc., etc.

Every six weeks or so, Sacramento comes together for a couple of hours to generate energy for COB’s programs. That is the simplicity.


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  1. Well, at least somebody understands the relative importance of people in this world and got them right. The shining example of Mister (Captain) David Miscavige beams clearly across the planet, showing us poor minor
    beings the way to enlightenment, paradise, eternal beingness, doingness and havingness and the ability to sit spiritually at the right hand of infinity.
    And thanks to OTgrrrt for making it known by the public service of putting up this blog. He will be rewarded for this both in heaven and on earth.


  2. It’s heart-warming that there are some enlightened beings who appreciate all that COB has done to make Scientology one of the world’s great religions. Too many ingrates mock him for his lavish palaces and the stern but fair punishments he bestows on his loyal parishioners and wonder that if he hadn’t seized his chance to rescue Scientology from those degraded beings who sought to destroy it, he would have ended up as a small-time South Philly gangster.

    They are wrong of course, he would have become the most powerful and ruthless gangster that Philadelphia had ever known.



    • Are you thinking another Whitey Bulger, also a man lacking in physical stature, but making up for it with ferocious tenacity and a broken moral compass?


  3. Kay Daly is obviously a highly aware being and on the fast track to becoming COB’s personal assistant! I sense an upcoming catfight between Lou and Kay while COB watches and furiously strokes his goldenrod… 😉


  4. He doesn’t need to be buttered up with these emails. He as COB RTC is truly the only hope for–shit that’s supposed to say planet


    • There was supposed to be an image embedded with my post, but I failed to make it go right. Good thing there is no RPF here, right?.. Heh… Right?
      (please tell me there is no RPF here…)


  5. Even though COB is the most important being on the planet and Scientology and it’s completely and utterly legally separate yet related organizations would instantly collapse without him running things, it’s important to remember that his role in Scientology is minor whenever SPs are trying to involve him in frivolous lawsuits or when oppressive government agencies are investigating. His unparalleled significance only comes into play when discussing positive things about Scientology,


  6. Finally we observe a church member able to communicate a narrative neither drenched with irony nor containing all of the usual over the top hyperbole.

    Just simple understated truth as she knows it…and what is true for her is true.

    And only two exclamation points…can I get a Hip Hip Hooray?


  7. I’m glad seeing Him moving up in status. I couldn’t wait for him being declared the most important man in this sector of the universe. But lo and behold! I just learned, that the Flag OTC has already pronounced Him the Galactic Samurai. It seems, we have reached a point, where even the internet becomes to slow to keep track with the personal expansion of THE MAN. It is just overwhelming!!!


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