Not Sea Org Slaves Anymore!


We worked for David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology for many years.  We signed billion year contracts but were given no benefits, no minimum wage, etc. If we got sick we had no medical care — we had to go freeload at County USC and pose as indigents. Meanwhile, we worked long hours doing everything and anything David Miscavige and the Church asked for or else we would be beaten and thrown into a religious prison known as the RPF.

We were only paid $8.00 per week.

The work we hated the most was selling the Basics. One time one of us refused to sell the Basics and Davis Miscavige screamed at him, “How dare you refuse to sell the Basics after everything I’ve done for you! ” David Miscavige would not stop yelling and then punched my friend right in the nose so that he bled all over his shirt! My friend was bleeding from his nose and David Miscavige’s secret mistress Laurisse Henley-Smith took out a first-aid kit and stopped the bleeding.  Then, acting like nothing ever happened, David Miscavige threw an old shirt at my friend and said, “Here’s a new shirt so that you don’t have an overt-motivator sequence on me!”

We are consulting a lawyer. We told her everything we know and also gave her all the documentation we have. The lawyer told us that we were assault & battery victims and not religious volunteers. She said that David Miscavige’s business practices violates multiple federal and state laws like, no minimum wage, overtime, failure to withhold federal and state income tax, failure to pay unemployment and disability insurance and failure to pay worker’s compensation insurance, to name a few.

The lawyer spoke with someone at the Department of Industrial Relations who confirmed that we could go there and lodge an official complaint. They take it very seriously. The lawyer is also arranging a meeting with the IRS to discuss fraud we saw when we worked for ASI, BPI, and other places where we moved money around for David Miscavige and told lies for the Church. The attorney said we can get protection as whistleblowers.

The lawyer told us that it is illegal to for David Miscavige to beat people and to lie to his parishioners for money. The lawyer told us to report such illegal activities, and the documentation we have, to the internet and law enforcement.

Our only reason for sending you this email is to warn you not to get fooled by David Miscavige’s “kindness”. If you are working for David Miscavige see to it that your rights are not violated and get paid as the law demands.

Kind regards,

David Miscavige’s former employees who are now planning on making videos with Karen!

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  1. David Miscavige’s kindness to be exposed? lol. The punching Pope of Scientology exposed? He must have pulled it in…for over 30 years. Don’t worry Davy your OT powers will save you! Uh oh, you don’t even begin to believe in that crap.


    • “Kindness” as in the way being personally and brutally beaten by the Pope is a kindness to any religious peon. It is a “Papal Kindness” for any peon, any Sea Org member, to even be noticed by their Pope — albeit with a fist to the face and a kick to the head.

      But then what do these peons expect when they backflash Pope Miscavige?


      • You know it is kindness to be beaten by the Pope. He spares you the effort of fighting back by attacking in a pack and has Lou fix you up. He is so kind to Shelly also, as he has sent her on an extended sebatacle (sic) and has Lou do all the heavy lifting. He is the kindest dictator in the world!
        I bet Tom Cruise has some stories about the Pope’s kindness.


    • Doloras, the Church is not even trying these days. Example: In a complete mockery of OT III, there will be a Dianetics Volcano climbing wall at the May 9 event at LRH Way.

      OSA has is not even trying either and has gone completely wog. OSA is reduced to waging quarrels behind anonymous e-mails they think VIPER cannot trace right back to them. All dead in the head idiots making a farce of their own “religion” and they don’t even see it.

      So much for the “Fastest Growing Religion in the World!” The only thing growing fast behind Cult walls is the insanity.


      • OTVIIIisGrrr8!
        I think entheta comments like the one from J.Swift should be moderated! What he is saying is not only Counter Intention but it is simply and verifiably NOT true!


  2. Here we go again…..natter, natter, natter and nothing but natter – coming from former employees. I mean, HOW credible are they? Thrown out of the church for malfeasance with nobody in the church wanting to have anything to do with them, they are just bitter defrocked apostates full of withholds.


  3. Don’t these SPs understand what an honor it is to feel COB’s personal touch in resolving their ethics problems? COB never delivers ecclesiastic ethics actions to upstat Sea Orgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. ‘Posse of Lunatics’ would be a great name for a rock band. The clampire has lost its ‘confront’ and now depends on simple assault and extortion to get its way. David ‘He is not insane’ Miscavige has managed to reduce the numbers of $cientologists from perhaps 30 thousand {1995} to less then 10 thousand paying customers today. Gat 1 and 2, semi-colon fixing and ethics ‘handling’ are the only thing keeping the ‘chirch’ running these days. How long can 10 k paying customers keep the 5 thousand staff and Sea bOrg in beans and rice?


  5. Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringes of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet! Bitter, defrocked Apostates on the fringe of the internet!


  6. Somehow, I don’t find this post funny, despite months of following and giggling at your satire. Maybe something’s broken today. Group question: What’s wrong with me?


  7. I have no J&D for this post. I wish you all the best.

    (2COBRTC: These stupid wogs is stupid and they cant read paranthesisis txt on there main jd website haha)


  8. I am reminded of the judge who practically laid out in neon signs what the lawyer in the Headley’s case got wrong and in which direction they should head to set sail for better chances of landing in port. OSA’s monitoring of exiting Sea Org members and matching statutes of limitations with What They Might Know is becoming yet another exercise in futility.

    I have begun to obnoxiously be relentless in sending out smoke signals: ScientologyDoesNotExist. What Does exist is Miscavige’s penny stock investment scam, the IAS. It’s everywhere, all important, every single member has a quota to meet, it’s the first thing, the only thing, and it’s the best thing. He switched selling eternity to protecting that eternity. Isn’t that what the IAS investment is for? If you can even find an auditor in your org, what is his/her first stat, his first concern above all? For xenu’s sake, DM has even kicked off Class 6 and 8’s, replaced the Auditor banner’s in front of ASHO with IAS Banners, sent his flying monkeys out with orders to once again Destroy all product lines, from course materials, books and meters, and declared anyone in his kingdom that even Looks they are thinking about any of this, and the lights are literally going out with unpaid utilities.

    What more of a sign does anyone need? A couple of angry robots and a few thousand bricks do not make an org. They just make a good show for a shell company’s facade. They’re the last loyal Enron employees to leave the building and I’m glad to hear they are not afraid to read the internetz and get a damn lawyer instead of waiting for any more signs. Good luck, and hold on tight.


  9. It’s too bad your vignette is not real because you nailed it. One persons with one timely lawsuit (within the statute of limitations) after someone has been punched, or after someone has received less than minimum wage while working for the Church of Scientology, or after a child has been abused, could bring down the whole house of cards. It isn’t rocket science. Teachers, janitors, receptionists, secretaries, groundskeepers and bus drivers (etc.) at churches must be paid minimum wage. People who punch other people often go to jail and people who abuse children always go to jail when caught.

    Ninety-nine percent of adults believe children are children and should be protected. Only monsters believe that children are little adults who should be treated as slave laborers. Only monsters coerce children into signing confidentiality agreements with illegal clauses, and only monsters terrorize children by threatening them with illegal actions if the children report abuses by Miscavige and the church.

    So many people are exiting the church and not looking back. That’s understandable. Nonetheless, they should look back, and they should be angry, and they should take action because there are many people in the church with no voice who need help, and many of those people are children.


  10. I´m just wondering if OTVIIIisGrrr8! has gone to the dark side, writing all this entheta about our Church and our beloved Leader on his site???


    • No, Birgit, OTVIIIisGrrr8! is not on the dark SP side or PTS Type 3.
      This is simply a loyalty test. PASS!!! When are you going to re-do your Objectives, a.k.a Survival Rundown? It’s uber theta! One word – Ex terior.


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