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  1. This newly out Chris Shelton character, who is continually spewing his venom out all over the internet is quite obviously just another defrocked apostate, who is completely desperate because the church refuses to accept him within its ranks. Yeah…..probably a little Squirrelbuster technology would suffice to scare the shit out of him!


  2. I have it on good authority that Chris Shelton routinely kicks babies and steals candy from puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was kicked out of the church because of his extremely unethical behavior. He also sells drugs and has been known to consort with psychs.


  3. I was all set to enjoy what I thought would be a very pleasant day. I prepared my standard light breakfast: the freshly squeezed juice of 10 bushels of oranges, 1,500 hard-boiled eggs, 7 banana trees and an inflatable kiddie pool full of yogurt. As I sat to enjoy my meal, I turned on this video from Mr. “Galactic Patrol” (if that’s even his real name). I take one sip from my 10 gallon coffee mug as I’m watching and PFFFFSFSFT coffee all over my ipad screen!! The GALACTIC MAN IS LYING COB RTC HAS NEVER EXAGGERATED ANYTHING!!! EVERY NUMBER HE HAS EVER CITED ON ANY SUBJECT IS ENTIRELY ACCURATE!!

    I was so furious, I could not even eat. I fed all the food to my 6,000 lb. puppy doggie. Thanks for ruining my day with your lies.


  4. It’s no wonder Chris Shelton mentions a janitor reference at 4:20, since that’s exactly what he was known for to most scientologists. 27 years in scientology and 15 years in the sea org as a highly respected executive is just a fantasy (dub-in). Blah, blah, blah. Don’t trust janitorial sea org executives and stay away from the Internet. Buy new MK 8 Ultra Meter!


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