The Tritium Kitty Kat

desert_thunderstormIt was midnight at the Tritium Kitty Kat, an old bar on the outskirts of  Roswell, New Mexico. A thunderstorm was rolling across the wide open desert.

One agent cane in through the front doors; the other through the back.

“The idiosyncrasies of Heaven are incomprehensible,” one said.

“Shut down number nine,” the other responded.

A small package containing a memory stick changed hands.

“Hey” one said to the other as they parted.


“Open a lunchroom.”


The two agents went out into the dark and headed their separate ways.

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  1. I feel a disturbance in the either. (Maybe ‘Friends of MSH’.)
    POS, make sure that your copper rods are grounded. It is getting closer.


  2. It’s been almost 6 months and I still haven’t figured out what any of this means. I come to this page everyday and stare at that picture of cacti and lightning for hours, desperately clinging to a foolish hope that one of these days, I will be met with a grand revelation.

    I’ve already ruled out schooner. It’s not a schooner, I’m sure of it.


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