Captain David Miscavige: “The Telephone is Psychotic!”


RTC President Warren McShane

The following text is excerpted from the deposition of RTC President Warren McShane taken by Ray Jeffrey in Rathbun v. Miscavige et. al.

…Q. When David Miscavige is going about his duties and he is making phone calls, is there some practice that he conferences you in on all of his phone calls?

A. Well, one, he rarely makes phone calls, and it depends upon what the topic is when he does. If it relates to my activities, I would be on the phone call.

Q. Okay. I didn’t ask a very good question. If — I’m trying to find out, is there any sort of standard protocol that anytime David Miscavige is on the telephone, Warren McShane is on there with him? There’s nothing like that, is there?

A. There’s no standard protocol, no.

CDM.10Q. Okay.

A. It depends on what the topic is of the phone call.

Q. It would be as-needed?

A. Yes, but like I explained, it’s very rare. He (Captain Miscavige) doesn’t use the phone.

Q. And your basis for saying that is what?

A. My 30 years experience working with him.

Q. Well, if he spends 12 hours in a day outside your presence, how do you know he doesn’t just wait to have phone calls when he’s in — in private?

telephoneA. Because phone calls, per our scripture, are not a standard form of communication. Like Mr. Hubbard says, phones are psychotic, they have no memory, so we don’t use them very often


Q. And by the way, what kind of cell phones and Blackberries and that sort of thing does David Miscavige have?

A. He’s got a Blackberry. He used to have a cell phone. I don’t think he has a cell phone anymore….

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  1. Someone should have told the munkin that text have a memory. Oh wait we are suppose to overlook that discovery. I just can’t cause I learned something new. David Miscavige, YSCOHB, YSYSYSYSYSYS… Scientology is so much stranger with DM.


  2. But wait a minute…although we understand Mcshane is dutifully attempting to protect the Captain, it is also common knowledge Captain Miscaviage often calls the Rush Limbaugh show and bloviates on a wide variety of topics both political and ecclesiastical.

    Captain David Miscaviage is one of Rush’s favorite callers. Open line Fridays are the Captain’s favorite. McShane needs to be careful he does not perjure himself.


  3. This is absolutely true, phones are psychotic. I have known forever that my iPhone stares at me in my sleep and plots its ways to kill me. I know because a lot of nights I am only pretending to be asleep and I peek at the phone and see what it is doing.

    Recently, I had a long conversation with a real, actual scientist about this and he said it is not even a theory, it’s been proven as scientifical fact. But the globalists are in the business of selling phones and of suppressing the data and the truth. Like the white-coated globalist who recently interrupted my conversation with a scientist. Rudely, he bursts into the room and says “Jim, who are you speaking to? There is no one in here.” Typical globalists, they don’t want you to hear actual knowledge so they will even interrupt when you talk to scientists! Haha!

    If the globalists and their phones were really as super smart as they claim, they would know I tongue the mind control pills they try to give me everyday. Haha! I have to go now I’m not allowed to be in this room or even on this floor. Goodbye truth-seekers!


    • Jimbo Threeman, we in RTC are impressed by your knowledge of actual science and what is really going on out there.

      You are right to ignore phony “wog science” and its claims that cellphones and the dangerous x-rays they emit are safe.

      The scientific fact is that cellphones are even more dangerously psychotic than regular phones. That is why Captain Miscavige fled right away when that CSI crim Allan Cartwright tried to hand him a cellphone. No thanks Allan! You keep that thing next to your head! And Allan did and that is why he sounded so stupid when he was deposed last November.

      It is true that your iPhone wants to kill you.

      It is true that they are after you.

      And yes, you should only tongue the pills they force upon you.

      We in RTC know these feelings only to well.


  4. u speak truth sir i wish to intetnet hug u but cant use arms i type now w/ nose. i think allan cartweel is globalist spy but cant confirm. y else bring psycho phone near truth seeker cob. also 1 allan i met on adventure was scientifical crazy but the lady w/ shiny hair told me that was only coloring book activity time. i dont know what 2 think she may be globalist

    thx 4 ur kind and true words


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