Rush Limbaugh: I am a Scientologist and Have Been For 25 Years!

RushRadio host Rush Limbaugh publicly announced on his show today that he has been a Scientologist since 1991 and credited the Church of Scientology with his success.

Greta Van Susteren and her husband John Coale introduced me to Scientology back in 1990 when I was starting to get some serious traction in AM talk radio,” Limbaugh explained. “My show had just been picked up by KFI in Los Angeles and I was beginning to get a national audience. But I felt that something was missing. My show wasn’t as consistent as it needed to be.”

Greta“Greta told me how important it was to do the Non-Existence formula with my audience, how important it was to find out what my audience wanted and needed.”

“I did some Scientology communication courses and (laughs) learned how little I actually knew about communication.”

“Based on the success of the comm course and being audited on Life Repair where I was able to handle some real tough things I had been through, I was sold. I knew I wanted to do the Bridge and become an OT.”

“Scientology really helped my career skyrocket into straight up and vertical expansion,” Limbaugh enthused. “And the data I learned on the PTS/SP course helps me everyday to handle the SP’s who call in and try to run their garbage entheta on my audience.”

“I am a very private person so I never talked about my religion. But today I wanted to announce that, yes, I am a Scientologist — an OT VIII actually, and I’m proud to say that I’ve done all three L’s at Flag. Scientology is something everyone should look into. Scientology offers a body of useable technology, tools, that can help anyone become more able in life.”

“As part of my personal efforts to disseminate the subject of Scientology, I’ve put all of the speeches of COB RTC David Miscavige on my website. I invite my listeners to take a listen and go purchase a copy of Dianetics today. Find out for yourself. And take it from me: Don’t listen to all of those whackos on the lunatic fringes of the  internet who attack the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige. That crowd is all a bunch of right wing nutjobs hired by the Psychs!”



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  1. Wow…that was out of left field!!

    Okay, we’ll play along…but just for a moment indulge us too…

    Try to imagine the egos of Cardone, Miscaviage, and Limbaugh fitting in the same tent…



    • Our job in RTC is to keep you guessing, baffled, and surprised. We may attack at any time and in any place. We may even kidnap you and spirit you off to some foreign hellhole where we force you to boom the stats against impossible odds, say, in some Islamic country ruled by a despot.


    • Captain Miscavige often calls Rush to suggest show ideas. Captain Miscavige’s latest suggestion is for Rush to spend a few months reading Battlefield Earth on air. Now that would boom stats!

      BTW, Grant Cardone and his wife are not allowed into the secret “Captain’s Lounge” at Flag. They don’t even know about it. What happens there is that Captain Miscavige regales the elite members of the club by reading aloud from the Confessional folders of those who are not in favor with Captain Miscavige.

      Last night Captain Miscavige read aloud from Grant’s pc folders. Rush thought it was very funny. So did psych billionaire Bob Duggan.


      • And a good time was had by all in attedance. A warm fire, some scotch, a lot of cigarettes and the chairman of the board selectivity reading from pc folders. Good times.


      • So Cardone is odd man out these days…nice. He’d get on my nerves in a New York minute…

        Sheesh…I’d have gone Platinum Humanitarian just to hear the the Captain regale us with stories from the Cardone’s folders. I’ll bet it makes the Kardashians seem pedestrian in comparison…well excepting Bruce Jenner’s sex reassignment I guess. Now there’s a dude that could totally use Scientology…maybe just to give him something to do.


  2. Rush is a Scibot? That explains a lot. No wonder he never has any original ideas. Instead of calling people “feminzis, wackos, crazies and pinkos” he should just call anyone who disagrees with him a wog.


  3. …” Don’t listen to all of those whackos on the lunatic fringes of the internet who attack the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige. That crowd is all a bunch of right wing nutjobs hired by the Psychs!”… I’m glad Rush cleared that up and now the entire Scientology Cult knows where to tune in for standard tech radio talk show PHASE II !!


  4. Nows I see! Nows I see n it make perfect sense!! All them scription pills he had was vitmins and the guvment done set ’em up cuz they wantin the tech. I was tryin’a splain this to my bro Skeet one day when we was preppin for the Alex Jones rally and he wasnt believein any it. RIP Skeet bro, even tho I was tellin your ass that lab wasnt set right. I love you u dumb sumbitch.


  5. It figures ! One more Celebrity in there giving them a bunch of cashola ! Hope he doesn’t have to do rinse and repeat ! Then he will ask for a refund LOL That would be a good fight with him and Davey !! Salute !


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