Trotskyite Wreckers and Internetistas Are Responsible for Attacks Upon the Church of Scientology

“Trotskyite wreckers, Internetistas, and other double dealers have been found to be the SP’s responsible for derailing COB’s most recent five year plan,” Comrade Frankovich Wondermanski somberly declared at the recent 37th International Sea Org Party Congress held in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Party Chairman Davidovich Miscavige

khrushchev“The Party’s stats should have been in screaming AFFLUENCE with all of the new 122,914 Ideal Orgs Chairman Miscavige has opened,” Wondermanski shrieked while pounding on the lectern with his shoe.

“But no! OSA has found that Trotskyite wreckers and other double dealers have been sent in to derail Chairman Miscavige’s five year plan.”

“Even critical Sea Org tractor  and video production is down due to the Trotskyite wreckers and other SP’s sent in by Psychiatry,” Wondermanski thundered.

“Chairman Davidovich Miscavige is taking stern measures to locate and shatter the hidden Trotskyite wreckers and other double dealers whose pernicious sabotage has already derailed Super Power by making it appear to be a decadent farce manufactured by the Party in order to cater to a tiny handful of bourgeois Scientology whales whose weak egos need constant massaging.”

“An unnamed Party apparatchik — whose name has been lost to the sands of time but whose probing questions remain — has asked — and we are rephrasing his words:

“‘How are we to explain the fact that our leading comrades, having a rich experience in the struggle against all sorts of anti-Scientology and anti-Sea Org currents, proved in the present case to be so naive and blind that they were unable to discern the real face of the enemies of the Church, that they failed to recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing and were unable to tear away their masks?

“Can it be claimed that the wrecking and diversionist-espionage work of the agents of foreign states operating in the territory of the Church of Scientology can be anything unexpected and unprecedented for us?

“No, it is impossible to claim this. This is demonstrated by the wrecking acts in various branches of the Church’s fundraising program during the past ten years, beginning in the Ideal Org period, as recorded in official documents.

Anonymous“Can it be claimed that in this past period there were no precautionary signals or warnings about the wrecking, spying, or terrorist activities of the Internetistas, the very agents of suppression?  No, it is impossible to claim this. We had such signals, and we as Sea Org members have no right to forget about them.

“The disparaging attacks upon Chairman Davidovich by the Internetistas, by Anonymous, were the first serious warnings which indicated that enemies of the Church would resort to double-dealing and that they would mask themselves as Scientologists, as Party members, in order to worm their way into our confidence and to thus open access for themselves into our organizations!

“The mistake made by some of our Party comrades is that they failed to notice and did not understand this difference between the old and new wreckers, between the Psychs and the Internetistas, and, not noticing this, they were unable to adapt themselves in time to fight with the new wreckers in a new way.”


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  1. The Davey shoop in the Ceaușescu stance just before the crowd broke into the palace and went after his is perfect. I bow to your shooperific skills.

    Only CICS betray the great leader, all hail the manger of micros. .


    • Only a Trotskyite Wrecker would say such a thing about Chairman Miscavige!

      You are to report immediately to the Office of Special Affairs, Division 7, Department 20, which is located in Building 9, Annex 5, Terminal 22, Subsection C, Hallway 23, Office 115A, Room 22c, where you will be beaten until a full confession is obtained from your own lips whereupon you will be speedily conducted into a public trial so that all the world can personally see for themselves your guilty face and personage.

      Of course, we in RTC can be persuaded to conveniently forget this entire matter if you immediately donate $50,000 to the IAS in the name of Chairman Miscavige.


  2. The criminal blatherings of Markos “Marty” Rathbunovich are pure propaganda and distortion as are the imagined fictions put forth by the CIA/Psych spy Mikael “Mike” Rinderovich.

    Rathbunovich and Rinderovich….we keep rooms ready in special desert gulag while we await rendition.

    Only Chairman Davidovich clearly represents the proletariat OT. His will be done.


    • Yes, Rathbunovich and Rinderovich are clearly now seen as agents of the American CIA. They were both moles sent in long ago to wreck the Party. And now we must be more dauntless, defiant, and resolute than ever… the walls have eyes and ears. And those eyes and ears loom ever larger as the walls close in on Chairman Davidovich.


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