Confidential New Year’s Message to the Sea Org from COB RTC David Miscavige

Confidential New Year’s Message from COB RTC David Miscavige

“First, I’d like to thank the Sea Org for their very special Christmas present to me of the new custom chopper. Sea Org must have been reading my mind because this is the exact $115,000 custom chopper I wanted:


“Second, Gold Base crew was granted a full hour for Christmas dinner this year and so they owe me extra production for all that time off and you’re welcome.

“Third, I’m going to start putting some heads on pikes if this gigantic statcrash on the GAT II evolution isn’t turned around yesterday. Of course, I’ll have to fix it myself because all of you really are SP’s who want to destroy Scientology.

King.David“Finally, in 2014 there’s not going to be anymore ‘Mr. Nice Guy‘ from me. If you think it has been tough the last few years, well, you haven’t seen anything yet! I’m going to start a new era of “Heavy Ethics.”

“Public’s who donate large sums of cash will not be immune from scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush.

“Those found guilty of reading the internet will receive provisional SP Declares.

“I’m personally going to obliterate this entire generality-infested SP campaign whereby people are leaving the Church because of these same old lies that get repeated in KR’s and sec checks:

* It’s too entheta in the Church

* The Sea Org is brutal and no one gets paid

* There’s crush-regging at every event

* The Ideal Orgs are empty

* There’s gross out tech in the Church

“Lies! Lies! Lies!

“The Church is totally theta — and it’s even better than that now because you have my gift to you of Super Power and GAT II. The fact is that people leave only because they have overts and withholds and hidden crimes!

“So guess what?

“2014 begins with a massive Church-wide campaign of sweeping sec checks that doesn’t end until every last criminal, SP, squirrel, and wholetrack Psych implanter is located and nuked out of existence with a declare! If this means declaring every OT and ‘old timer” why then so be it. Off with their heads!

It’s Sayonara Psychs in 2014!

“Happy New Year!”

11 responses to “Confidential New Year’s Message to the Sea Org from COB RTC David Miscavige

  1. I thought COB wanted the other kind of “chopper” to take out the Mikes the next time they buzz him at a super-secret grand opening.


  2. L’État, c’est moi. L’Église, c’est moi.


  3. cob won’t get far without training wheels, just saying…


  4. “No more ‘Mr. Nice Guy” program was just sent down the lines to all the ED’s in every Ideal Org for immediate implementation. Dated – 1.1, 2014.


    • Dodo The Laser is stepping up to help COB. Dodo The Laser is pushing power to COB.

      What are the rest of you dramatizing psychotics doing to help COB?

      Where are the IAS Warriors when they are needed most in this very dark hour?

      Where are the men and women who are willing to take the rap and go to prison for COB should this become necessary?


  5. Still on your side

    That statement from COB is chillingly realistic. Unfortunately, the statement is probably identical to the statement Miscavige has made or will make. He has had an “animus horribilus,” and I wish him many, many more.


  6. “Je suis le président du conseil. Mon pénis est faite de fromage.”
    “I am the chairman. My penis is made ​​of cheese. “


  7. This is no laughing matter. The very existence of Scientology is at stake. This is no time for pussyfooting around. Come on! Let’s take the gloves off and unleash our true OT powers! Let’s show these downstat wogs what Scientologists can really do!


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