Wog Insanity: The Reactive Mind and Chicken McNuggets!

We in the Church of Scientology are often asked about the Reactive Mind.

Because you wogs cannot read due to your lack of Scientology literacy and study tech, this video dramatically shows the Reactive Mind at work:

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  1. Reactive mind!? Whoa! “Unless you’re speaking McNuggets…” Pardon me, evidently I missed it, but at what point did McNuggets become an officially recognized language?

    It’s not often one hears the threat, “Don’t make me assume my ultimate form…” The last time I distinctly recall hearing that was outside a Flag regging room after an OT was informed they would need to start their bridge over due to GAT II,


  2. i, for one, would like to recommend that driver for osa duty immediately. just imagine her putting in serious ethics on those lying, whack job, apostate, drug addict, big pharma sp’s like mike, marty, marc, claire, jenna and all the rest!


  3. This woman is simply unleashing the Super Power of a thetan! Just think of the top notch ecclesiastical beatings she could give.


  4. I must admit, I admire her Tone 40 determination to obtain the postulated Chicken McNuggets though, despite of perceived obstacles.

    I am fascinated and disgusted by wog’s running that joint and their lack of confront and compliance.

    Their reactive minds are so obviously disturbing.

    Something can be done about it.


    • Yes she does display the dogged determination and tone 40 “make it go right” attitude that is demanded of a dedicated Sea Org member. She’ll make a fine addition to COB’s security detail. She’ll tolerate no backflash from CI staff!


    • mr. wog jgg 2012, i take no offense to a koolaid reference. in fact, my family was quite poor when i was younger and, as a consequence, it was either water or koolaid for most of my younger life. i suppose that this kept me away from soda but also left me with a constant lingering taste for fruit punch. in the end, i fail to see what this has to do with your unwarranted ci towards cob, lrh and scientology. although it occurs to me that religious bigotry generally flows from the misguided, misinformed and unintelligent…


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