David Miscavige: Beyond the Long Arm of Texas Law!

As reported today by Psych mastermind Tony Ortega, COB RTC David Miscavige filed a declaration in a Texas court claiming that he is beyond the jurisdiction of Texas law.

This declaration was necessary because Monique Rathbun is trying to sue COB for stalking and harassing her. And as that wog newspaper the Tampa Bay Times is reporting, Monique Rathbun has a temporary restraining order against COB. Quite naturally, COB finds it very humiliating to be the subject of a TRO when he has done nothing wrong ever in his life.  A hearing is set for Septemeber 12 on the TRO.

During a special appearance today with COB RTC David Miscavige, Texas governor Rick Perry declared, “We wouldn’t allow a little cult monkey like David Miscavige to step foot in Texas, so no, he’s never been here.”

While COB was taken aback by Governor Perry’s off-putting comment, COB realized that Perry was an R6-implanted wog Christian and so ignored the slight. In any case, Governor Perry’s comments prove that David Miscavige has nothing to do with Texas.

“California can keep him,” Governor Perry added.


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    • such entheta! be careful what you wish for, jgg2012. why do you think that california has not had the “big one” and slipped into the ocean? cob’s postulates. you owe it to him to (1) up your ias status immediately, (2) head to flag, (3) once there, submit to the necessary sec checks, and, finally, (4) complete the pts rundown to get to the bottom of your ci towards cob.


    • jgg2012, you poor misinformed squirrelly wog, please study up on your lrh and read ‘a history of man’. not only will these actions make you a better thetan, you will learn that the implant stations are on the far side of the moon and mars. rumors are there may be an additional one on venus as lrh cited trains there. the thetans are implanted at those locations and then “wander” to find bodies here on teegeeack. this process has nothing to do with texas beyond that is where some of the thetans ended up taking bodies. as for those phone records of cob that you referenced, clearly forgeries perpetrated by the psychs and several big world governments to bring down cob during the cos’s period of upstraight, upstat and vertical expansion. further, i hear that kendrick moxon is drooling like fat bastard staring at a little baby waiting for his chance to destroy the veracity of said records in a wog court of law.


      • r2, I read History of Man. It is full of ludicrous, inaccurate information like humans are descended from clams and cells move in the body. It has no scientific evidence. And there has never been a perfect clear.


  1. a few hypotheticals for the sp in my life: (1) if, in the beginning, clams existed long before mankind or any other intelligent mammals existed, wouldn’t it be safe to say that we did, in fact and to at least some degree, somehow evolved from them? let me clarify for your wog brain, all life had a singular source. whether you believe god or darwinism, life begin at a singular source. in you follow darwinism, the clam was a being in existence long before humans. (2) would we not have to have somehow evolved from them, at least to some degree? therefore, based on the foregoing, (3) couldn’t lrh have been right in his original theory, or at least right to some degree? finally, i do not know where you studied biology but cells do, in fact, “move in the body”. how do you think they transport oxygen around the body (for one thing)? hence, there is scientific evidence, and common sense theory, to prove that lrh’s theories have merit. i cannot help you if you choose to deny the obvious although, i would like to point out, that such is a trait of a sp. as to your last assertion, i would like to emphasize that according to cob’s most recent epic speech, the cos has passed mcdonalds with “over one billion clears” made over the last fifty years. once again, i implore you to set aside your agoraphobia, leave your house and meet one of these tremendous and exalted people. it will literally blow your wog mind 🙂


    • R2, no, we did not evolve from clams. Shelled mollusks and starfish (whom we DO descend from) both evolved from smaller creatures without shells; at some point, there was a break–shelled creatures and creatures with internal skeletons diverged. LRH was wrong about everything from smoking being good for you to radiation not penetrating the body. A high school senior understands science better than he did.


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