Leah Remini might as well have just kicked COB RTC David Miscavige right in the gonads! 

Tony Ortega just broke the news on his hater blog:


Leah’s so-called “missing person report” to LAPD is an insult to COB and to the Scientology religion. This is all a Psych PR stunt designed to embarrass COB on the eve of his trip to the Middle East to negotiate a peace treaty whereupon he would solve world energy problems and then be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by the King of Spain or whoever it is that hands those prizes out.Leah Remini has now crossed the line and committed a Suppressive Act for which we in RTC will declare her a Suppressive Person.

We had hoped that Leah would come to her senses, do A-E, and return to the Church.

Now that Leah has attacked the Church, OSA has no choice but to Dead Agent her in the same highly successful way OSA DA’d Paul Haggis, Marc Headley, Jason Beghe, Mark Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, Marty Rathbun and all of the other bitter defrocked apostates who have attacked COB and the Church.

None of this would have happened if Leah had not stuck her nose into COB’s 2D sit and asked, “Where’s Shelly?”

The nerve of that woman Leah Remini!

Now this will turn into a big international news a story, a Hill 10 flapping flap that COB needs like an icepick lobotomy done through his eye socket!

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  1. Oh dear. Oh noes. Bloody hells. Wot will COB do now? Do the LAPD REALLY have the rank to ask about Leah, as the repulsive, vile and disgusting Ortega SP wog has so jokingly said on his hate filled, religously bigoted blog? And if they really do, which escape route will COB use to get out of the country once they discover she IS in the vault with all the stainless steel and titanium, only she is about as lively (and cold) as the plates themselves? Also probably mounted on the wall like Jabba The Alley, erm, sorry, Hutt, did with Han Solo?

    We shall see………. 😀


  2. This is indeed a a Hill 10 flapping flap of the highest magnitude!!! It literally dwarfs the previous worst flap when a pallet of COB’s imported single malt scotch was mistakenly rerouted to the cast of “Mad Men” (for which Elizabeth Moss was nearly declared for not reporting to RTC when she found out). COB had to take a week off from saving the world to huddle in a corner while being attacked by giant pink elephants. Millions worldwide perished as a result of being deprived of the saving grace of Mr. Miscavige that week!

    Yes this flap makes that one look like a relaxing day in the sauna sweating out body thetans.

    As a result of this vicious betrayal COB has taken the extreme step of issuing an unprecedented super-duper whole track declare for Leah Remini. This involves searching the future whole track for all future idenities Leah will assume and pre-declaring all of them in advance. There is no A-E for Leah now, she must join Xenu in his mountain prison and spend the remainder of her eternity contemplating how she betrayed mankind’s greatest friend and boy wonder savior.

    Oh the tree of woe indeed…


  3. Whoa, whoa whoa. Before you jump to conclusions, did Leah file a missing persons report on “that” Shelly Miscavige or just a Shelly Miscavige in general? This is a big planet, that needs clearing mind you, and there could be numerous Shelly Miscaviges that need finding. In fact, when you are out at your next ball game or public event, ask the public address announcer to have Shelly Miscavige meet you at the service counter and see who shows up.


  4. I’ll tell you what…this SP bimbo has gone too far. My doughnut is frosted!! It’s one thing to disconnect from COB and withhold millions of dollars in donations through fair exchange. Tens of thousands of SP’s have already tried it.

    But Leah’s little BS publicity stunt yesterday is nothing more that…a stunt!! A stunt to try to resurrect a career that disappeared down the rabbit hole of former sitcom stars who are now baristas and parking lot attendants. C’mon Leah…you’re better than that. As a former OT wannabe who could only talk the OT talk, but not walk the OT walk, you’ve gotta be able to cognate the folly of taking on the Ecclesiastical Leader of the World’s Largest and Most Ostentatious Religion.

    Let’s try a word clearing exercise Leah. Go to the Urban Dictionary and word clear “MYOFB”. Got it? Good. Now word clear “STFU”. Got it? Okay. FAIL!! Let’s try them again a few thousand times until you can cognate the outcome we’re looking for.


  5. My blood is boiling! How can anyone in their right mind ever have a thought pop in their head that our ecclesiastical leader has done anything wrong??? Jesus H Christ am I PISSED!!!

    As whostolemycog has so accurately described, this “SP Bimbo” needs to become a missing person herself! WTF is this girl thinking? So Leah had a “wognition” (when an SP wog has a cognition) and she runs to the LAPD to file a missing persons report.

    If the headlines tomorrow say Leah is a “missing person” herself, I don’t know anything about it.


    • IG Ethics RTC

      Highly Commended

      Whostolemycog and Wogs suck are both highly commended for the honest accurate and truthful write up. During this time of unprecedented massive global expansion of the Scientology religion, the squirrels are starting to scream and attempting to put CI on the line of COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige.

      The TRs of these OTs speaks volume of the wins of GAT2, the gift that COB bestowed upon humanity.

      Since 98% of the World are Scientologist, Mrs. Remini’s comments are really just confusion blowing off of the organization of mass theta that is the Ideal Org strategy at the dawn of Superpower!

      We are winning! These OT’s make me realize-there has never been a better time to be a Scientologist! I’m going to update my IAS status today!


  6. YES, OTVIII is Grrr8, YES!!!!!!

    It’s Remini: The Retaliation

    She dared to do what Tom Cruise and John Travolta wouldn’t do; she asked, “Where’s Shelly?”

    She wants her question answered, Dave.

    Sending love to you and all the SP’s. I missed you at the SP awards at the ESPN shindig.

    Peace out, Sci Scout!


  7. Just received an announcement at muster roll call this morning from Karin Kapouw:

    “To put all the Shelly is missing nonsense to rest, Shelly Miscavige will be throwing out the opening pitch at tonight’s Dodgers game. She and her devoted husband Fleet Admiral David Miscaviage, will stay for the game and be featured on the large screen Kiss Cam every odd inning.”

    In order to make this a night to remember, RTC will provide the first 10,000 fans to pass through the gates a “There’s Shelly!!” t-shirt, an official Narconon cowbell featuring the likeness of Kirstie Alley, plus the pamphlet “The Way to Happiness” which has a certificate redeemable for a free personality test included.

    Don’t miss this family fun opportunity!!

    Hat tip – Karin Kapouw


  8. Yes, Dave and Shelly are very active in the local Los Angeles scene and are considered to be important philanthropists and civic boosters. Shelly is of course a very private person who eschews publicity. Occasionally, though, she consents to have her photo taken as was the case in a local taqueria.


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