Scientology and Disconnection Further Explained

(We in RTC are pleased to feature the work of guest columnist Whostolemycog on today’s blog post. If you think you can handle the Bridge here for a day and want to showcase your talents as a guest columnist, then write it up and send it to us at:  otviiiisgrrr8@gmail.com)

Disconnection has become a touchy subject due to the misconception that it is a practice invented and solely endorsed by the Church of Scientology.

Our message: This is simply not true.

“Disconnection” occurs only when Church members choose to leave the Church, disconnecting themselves from the sole source of truth, which is of course the technology and published materials of the Church made available in Ideal Org Bookstores and Gas Stations around the world through the generosity and sanity of COB RTC David Miscavige.

Let’s get straight to the point: By definition anyone making a choice to leave the Church is obviously insane and suffering from aberration.

Keep in mind when Scientologists leave the Church, they make an irrational choice to disconnect.  An irrational choice to disconnect from theta, disconnect from eternity, but most importantly, they make the irrational choice to  “Disconnect” from COB RTC, David Miscavige.

And so it follows none other than COB is personally harmed by the tens of thousands of former Scientologists who made the choice to personally Disconnect from him by leaving the church.

COB was neither consulted nor given a choice in the matter.  He did not place an “order” for these people to leave the Church and never talk to him again, refuse to take his calls, or perhaps most importantly refuse to contribute to his annual birthday gift.

No, no, no! COB’s only family are the millions of Scientologists around the world.  Think about the pain of losing tens of thousands of family members and millions of dollars through Disconnection.  Now you have some idea of the pain borne by COB.

This of course ignores the additional pain of disconnection COB experiences from all the people familiar with the Church and its teachings that refuse to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to actually join the Church in a fair exchange.  These people too, whether they realize it or not, have also made the choice to disconnect from COB, thereby multiplying his pain.

We believe the Church has now clearly explained “Disconnection” as a one way street advocated, endorsed, and practiced solely by the ignorant, the apathetic, or the mentally ill.  It’s that simple.

Do you better understand disconnection now?


For all of the people currently disconnected from COB, we urge you to rethink your disconnection.

Theta is right here, just a platinum IAS membership away, but it’s been refused whether through ignorance, apathy, or insanity.  In this refusal, you’ve disconnected from a refreshing babbling spring of fresh theta so pure it would change your life, your eternity, and even the balance of your bank account.

Let’s all share the glow again or even for the first time.  Remember you only have one eternity, so stop by your local neighborhood Ideal Org today.

Bring a friend and don’t forget your wallet!!!

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  1. Well done Whostolemycog! We in RTC are pleased with your exact definition of Disconnection.

    The public should now understand that the Church does not practice or enforce Disconnection and that it is the other way around: People disconnect from the Church and COB because they are insane and have hidden crimes.

    It is all so clear now that we are on a giant F/N!


    • Thanks for your assistance OT8.

      Just noticed the dapper new blog background. It might be the first time I’ve seen a pic where COB is taller than someone else in the frame. He could almost pass for Kevin Costner.

      The natural question – real or shooped?


      • The photo is real and was taken when COB was opening the Melbourne Ideal Org. Mr. Miscavige wore a very shiny blue suit that day and looked resplendent and quite gay as he posed, and very uncomfortably so, with two Asians who spoke a strange cat-like language.

        COB: Taller than short Asian women!


  2. Brilliant stuff Whostolemycog, brilliant stuff. It breaks my heart to think of COB crying himself to sleep every night with only a fifth of fine single malt scotch to soothe his sadness. Especially after he works his fingers to the bone 28 hours a day to straighten out LRH’s goofed floofs to bring the tech to a bunch of thankless malcontents.


    • SCN411 – You’ve cognated the reality at INT. Great win! No sec checks for you this week.

      Once we all accept the truth of COB’s pain, writing our IAS check instead of the mortgage won’t be seem so conflicted.


  3. What perfected understanding you have of our beloved and blessed COB’s intentions. May he see fit to bless you and your descendants for a thousand years – which of course would be expedited with a small gift of $ 1 million dollars in whatever currency is convenient… visa/ master card are also accepted.


  4. Well done Whostolemycog, but when I want to visit ‘refreshing babbling spring of fresh theta so pure it would change your life, your eternity, and even the balance of your bank account’, I buy Perrier.


    • Zemoo –

      The green Perrier bottle connotes the image of a bubbling spring of fresh H2O right out of the ground.

      When one thinks of a babbling spring of fresh theta, we’ll surmise that conjures an entirely different image, correct?

      Save money. Drink from the tap. Send the difference to IAS!!


  5. The generosity and sanity of COB RTC David Miscavige . . . well, well, well, I couldn’t have said it better. Those people who criticize Fleet Admiral Miscavige really make me mad. He’s worked his ass off to make Scientology what it is today and yet these evil SP detractors continue to come here with their petty, feeble quibbling trying to grind him into the dirt, this fine, honorable man, whose boots we are not worthy to kiss. Oh, it makes me mad. Mad! Wait a minute was I channelling John Cleese just now?


    • You are very astute Johnny L.

      Fleet Admiral Miscaviage has worked tirelessly over the past 30 or so years to make Scientology exactly what it is today. His only ruin (besides being surrounded by incompetent SP’s at INT) – the MEST constraint of 24 solar hours in a single earth day, but he is working on that.


    • Derek, you’re a better person today because of the way Fleet Admiral Miscavige treated you. At this very moment, he probably kicking the crap out of a church executive or lowly Sea Org member, thus making them better individuals. Think of the rationale behind Johnny Cash’s song “A Boy Named Sue.” A shot of Scotch, a kick to the groin, a shot of Scotch, a punch to the face…he’s all about helping the people on this planet.


    • Well, of course, dbloch7986, this is just the sort of narrow minded pig-ignorance we’ve come to expect from you PTS/SP garbage. You sit there on your lazy ass not giving a damn for the loyal, brave, and true OTs. You choose cup o’ noodles over clearing this sector of the guh-laxy. Shameful! Absolutely despicable!



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