The Church of Scientology Does Not Practice Disconnection!

Church of Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion today categorically denied the recent series of wild-eyed allegations that the Church of Scientology practices Disconnection.

“The Church’s categorical denial of Disconnection is particularly true of that horrible story in the wog gossip rag that calls itself The Hollywood Reporter. Without commenting about Ms. Remini, the Church wishes to make it clear that we allow our members to make an intense personal choice to no longer talk to former Church members who are antagonistic to the Church. This nonsense that we force our members to do anything, well…”

“This isn’t true,” Delusion insisted.

“The so-called policy of ‘Disconnection’ as portrayed by SP’s, Psychs and apostates is just more Scientology-hating nonsense coming from the grassy knoll of the Internet,” Delusion assured the weak-minded wog reporters gathered at Scientology’s Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.

“What we’re dealing with here is the fact that sometimes the Psychs ‘get to’ a Scientology parishioner and drive them into a frenzy of hatred against the Church. Or worse, a Scientology parishioner makes the very bad decision to read entheta on the internet and they’re suddenly blathering on about ‘Paulette Cooper‘ this or ‘Operation Snow White’ that.”

“Frankly, that’s old news,” Delusion stated. “Everyone knows that we in the Church of Scientology have been the most ethical group on the planet ever since COB got rid of those old GO crims.”

“Factually,” Delusion emphasized, “we in the Church of Scientology are sick and tired of rehashing this same old disgusting internet rumor over and over again. So rather than wasting any more of my time on this, you can just look at this old video of my predecessor Tommy Davis denying that Disconnection exists. This is all you yapping idiots in the wog media are getting from the Church on this subject. However, you may ask me any questions about the Ideal Orgs.”

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  1. Ah, how about, I’ll make my own mind up, thank you very much?
    Miscavige’s Mouthpiece. What a piece of crap he is/was/who knows he’s probably blown with the Mrs. and is in hiding…………..


  2. From Karin Pouw: Only an evil cult would practice disconnection. A cult forces you to associate only with people who think and act exactly like you. Scientology does not do this and maintains that there is a wide gulf between forcing behavior and kindly encouraging through violence and intimidation.


  3. A reputable source told us the church is in the process of reaching out to knowledgeable PR professionals in order to combat the perception it practices, endorses, or even condones any form of disconnection. The goal is a large public service campaign geared to disseminate the truth as we know it to be. We need to make our truth everyone’s truth. We need to facilitate this every day and every way.

    Once this campaign is unleashed, the resultant wash of theta glow will redirect the conversation back to a clear plain, where the only nattering heard will be, “Why didn’t they make these Ideal Orgs bigger to accommodate the crowds of people flocking to source?”


  4. greetings, otviiiisgrrr8! i would like to first commend you on this bastion of truth and honesty. i have blown so much charge reading your articles that my lights are flickering! i wish to take you up on your offer regarding ideal org questions. my question is: when will the new ao at castle kyalami in south africa be finished?


    • Welcome r2-45 for all wogs — and may we say that COB likes your screen name!

      It is interesting that you would inquire about Kyalami Castle.We can’t open the place until you personally raise $25,000.000.

      It is all your fault that the Castle is not open. We do not need to go into your crimes here.


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