The Church of Scientology: Myth Versus Reality!

There are many misconceptions, lies, and myths online these days about what the Church of Scientology is and what Scientology does for the individual. For this reason, we RTC are writing to dispel just a few of these lies, misconceptions, and myths.

Myth #1: The Church of Scientology is a greedy, lying, backstabbing, violent, lunatic Cult.

The Realty: This is simply not true by any stretch of the imagination. With over one billion members globally, Scientology is at peace these days ever since we excommunicated the rogues responsible for the bad, bad, bad things that happened in the past. Going back earlier on the chain, we in RTC also had to get rid of the Guardians Office after they broke into government offices and then were sent to prison. We also excommunicated Reed Slatkin, Rex Fowler, and some other names you don’t know. The larger point here that Scientology haters miss is that the Church of Scientology is self-correcting. Whenever our Orgs are raided or our members arrested, those responsible are excommunicated for misapplication of policy and the Church suddenly gets better. This is why we in RTC have a Knowledge Reporting system. We want to know about things that should not be and violations of KSW.

Myth #2: COB RTC David Miscavige is a violent, profanity-spewing tyrant who physically and psychologically abuses Sea Org members

The Reality: Soldiers have been beaten for thousands and thousands of years in military organizations when they make mistakes that endanger the group. As Fleet Admiral of the Sea Organization, David Miscavige must sometimes hit, kick, choke, or punch people when necessary, this because the fate of the entire universe rests in his hands. A beating is simply a more aggressive locational; it the fastest way to bring an errant Sea Org member back into Present Time so that the universe is not destroyed. Factually, the real problem here is that wog lawyers have conditioned the wog masses to sue for any imagined harm. Has your child gotten failing grades? The answer from wog lawyers is to sue the school and the teacher. Has COB had to slap you around? The right answer is to say “Thank you sir, I was wrong!” with no HE&R (Human Emotion and Reaction). The wrong answer is to run onto the internet and post about how one cannot handle correction in the world’s most elite religious military.


Fleet Admiral David Miscavige is not any more or less violent than any other religious dictator. He is average in this regard.

Myth #3: The Church of Scientology practices Disconnection.

The Reality: Wogs quit talking to each other all the time for all kinds of reasons and yet no one screams “Disconnection!” when this happens. But let a Scientologist say, “Please don’t call me anymore until you stop attacking my religion,” and suddenly wog tabloids are all over this like it is a crime. The fact is that you don’t have to talk to people you don’t like or can’t stand and neither do Scientologists. In any case, we don’t practice Disconnection.

Myth #4: The Church of Scientology hates gay people.

The Reality: While the Church of Scientology considers gay people to be 1.1 and evil, we do not hate them anymore than we hate Psychiatrists. The fact is that we can audit the gay away just as easily as we can have Psychiatrists arrested for their crimes. It all depends upon whether a person has a reach for Scientology and has the wherewithal to donate for their Bridge up to New OTVIII. If a person does not choose Scientology, why then yes they are an enemy of Freedom and we will have OSA keep an eye on them.

The Church of Scientology is a humanitarian organization dedicated to putting Scientology Ethics in on this planet no matter what. If some people object to the ways in which we are clearing the planet it is only because they are criminals and Suppressive Persons. As such, they need to be incarcerated to keep Society safe.

That some small group of bitter defrocked apostates and their embittered wog friends consider the Church of Scientology to be a “greedy, lying, backstabbing, violent, lunatic Cult” that is just a big dramatization and make wrong of the Church.

That dramatization and make wrong of the Church of Scientology is what we in RTC are handling and will continue to handle until Scientology conquers the planet and SP’s are found only in museums.


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  1. Awww, poor COB, so lonely and misunderstood! It fair makes you weep for the wee redheaded blowhard, abandoned by his family, and also left behind by LRH when he went on to Target 2. Surrounded by incompetents and liars and psychotics-in-OT’s-clothing. How does he cope? The injustice! The outrage! The wheezing!

    Well done, OTVIIIisGrrr8!, dispelling the myths and correcting the lies about COB! I still don’t have a reach for scientology, but I do have a lot of pity for that misunderstood little guy. (I would post a song for him, but I don’t want to trigger another rage-gasm like the last time.)


  2. “this because the fate of the entire universe rests in his hands”

    But the guy has little hands and is only beats up, excuse me, ‘corrects’ his underlings.

    “and SP’s are found only in museums”

    Sounds like that scene in the original ‘Planet of the Apes” where Charleton Heston finds his astronaut buddy stuffed and mounted in the ape museum.

    That was as close as I could come to that scene.


    • Paul Williams actually looked good in this vintage Carson show appearance with facial hair It made him look taller, too. Nice clip, Zemooo. 🙂


  3. Wow, this is almost as…uh….interesting and delusional as that responseDavey wrote while drinking McCallans and then sent to the LA times.


  4. While selecting chili beans for my world famous “3rd Degree Burn Chili”, I began wondering if Chill EB’s sci-rap name was inspired by chili beans? If yes, Chill EB has a pretty lame rap name, to be honest with you. Being one to throw some serious rhymes myself, I am buggin about how zonked up this is – yo – grrrViii 8 – is this for realz? The sci dude is named after chili beans? That is fo shizzle wackazilla, holmes! Is this myth or fo realz, bro?

    Peace out, sci scout!



      • My hubs picked up my refill today. Provigil: Staying awake, staying alive! – – Thanks, Big Pharma!

        Midwest Mom is proud to endorse Provigil Caplets, and so are all who share the roads upon which she drives. Provigil: Staying awake, staying alive!


      • Crazy? Why thanks to my friends at the American Psychiatric Association (psych.org), the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry (aadpd.org), and the American Psychological Association (apa.org/), I would be crazy NOT to take advantage of their top notch resources and services!

        Crazy? Why I’m glad you asked!

        Here”s Gnarls Barkley with their hit from 2006. Enjoy.


  5. What did Davey do with Karin Poo.
    That response to the LA times had his teeny little fingerprints all over it.
    COB wrote that….or “Dick”tated it.

    It was “Balderdash”


  6. T8, you forgot two myths–1. that Rathbun and Rinder were high ranking, long-time, dedicated and well-respected Scientologists whose opinions should be credited by journalists, and 2. that there is a “mass exodus” of top people (Jentzsch, Davis, Rathbun, Rinder, Headley, et al). Rathbun and Rinder were just door men for Miscavige (Rathbun helped him into and out of his limo when he met with the IRS in ’93). The top 100 slots have beeen filled by the same loyal but invisible thetans for 20 years.


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