Black Friday: The Reactive Mind at Work

Their Reactive Minds buzzing and hopped up on psych drugs, the filthy and unwashed wog masses stampeded into retail stores on Black Friday in a frenzied search for useless MEST:

Over ten million people were killed in these wild wog stampedes.

We in the Church of Scientology, on the other hand, experienced pure Theta and calm as  millions of people entered our Ideal Orgs, Flag Land Base, and the Freewinds on Black Friday to enjoy great prices on Scientology goods and services, this as shown by the recent price lists below.

Click to enlarge and see just how good these offers are! Imagine it: Only $99,000 for 150 hours of L’s auditing! While there is no way to put a price on one’s Eternity, that is nevertheless a tremendous bargain for spiritual freedom!

The choice is yours: Kill yourself in a frenzied wog stampede buying cheap consumer goods or donate for your Eternity to the Church of Scientology. As the website People of Wal-Mart makes clear, it is ugly and brutal out there in Wogland. For example, one would never see toilet paper tails on people in an Ideal Org. This is gross out ethics behavior and yet wog retailers like Wal-Mart allow it:

The true bargain this Holiday season is the Golden Age of Knowledge Legacy Collection at an astounding 47.5% discount. A GAK bargain is much better than anything one can find in an insane wog mall. Click here to see all of Bridge Publications’ special Holiday offers!

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    • As COB RTC David Miscavige said when Lisa died, “”At the time I don’t think it was really thought to be that significant an issue. She died. People die.”

      People die is the answer. If you want to blame Death itself on Scientology then you are insane.

      We in the Church of Scientology work to help people improve their survival, so we really don’t know what you’re trying to do here except to spread lies and entheta.


  1. Fortunately, the scene outside the Scientology org in the desert paradise of Las Vegas was far more tranquil than the retail hedonism taking place at the nation’s shopping malls. Here’s a photo from the local TV news crew covering the throngs looking to sign up for the Golden Age of Knowledge specials.


  2. You are the SAM’s Club of religion. I can’t find any other church to offers these prices and package deals. I can’t wait to see the vids of the onslaught of people entering your Ideal Orgs, Flag Land Base, and the Freewinds. Good for you!! Can all the new raw meat can provide enough money to prevent Lawrence Wright’s “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief” and Jenna Miscavige Hill’s “Beyond Belief: My Secret Life inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape” from coming out in January?


    • Miraculously incarnated into this world without a Reactive Mind — or any case or bank whatsoever — Fleet Admiral David Miscavige is the physical embodiment of Theta, of spiritual perfection, and of integrity. He is the Chosen One from among all nations to lead the planet into the Golden Age of Technology II.

      For this reason, we in RTC will not allow any CI on the Fleet Admiral’s lines. If it takes a knuckle sandwich or some PI’s to handle a flap, then so be it. We have a planet to salvage and all of these upcoming hater books are just more suppression intended to stop the 100% standard delivery of the highly effective and proven three needle swing tech.

      Therefore, effective immediately, we in RTC have ordered all Scientologists in good standing off the internet for Eternity because it is full of lies about Fleet Admiral David Miscavige and his wholetrack best friend Tom Cruise.

      As for Lawrence Wright’s so-called “book” well let we in RTC tell you that we long ago fully and completely discredited this wretched wog journalist in a scathing expose in the pages of Freedom Magazine. His real name should be Lawrence Wrong because, factually, everything he writes about Fleet Admiral David Miscavige is wrong.

      Fleet Admiral David Miscavige bears the weight of the entire Church of Scientology and the very agonized future of this planet upon his tuxedoed shoulders. As such, he is blameless beyond reproach and ethical in all his ways. Even when the Fleet Admiral must strike SO members with his fists or slam their heads into the nearest wall, it is a righteous act intended to put these out ethics SO crims into PT and compel their instant obedience to Command Intention.

      We in RTC see the future as being very bright and this winter as a time wherein all Scientologists are ordered to report to Flag to enjoy at least twelve intensives of Sec Checking.

      This order is straight from Fleet Admiral David Miscavige who wants all Scientologists sec checked so they can begin the new year cleansed of their crimes, overts, withholds, false purposes, hidden standards, and wholetrack bestiality. As we said, this is all straight from COB and we in RTC expect compliance or else!


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