President Biden Snubs David Miscavige; Fails to Thank the Scientology Leader for Saving Humanity & Handling the Pandemic

“During his address to the US Congress, an extremely ungrateful President Biden failed to thank Scientology leader David Miscavige for saving humanity from violence, terrorism, drugs, and all of the other factors that affect it,” said Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion.

“Biden further failed to thank David Miscavige for handling the pandemic by spraying the 15 continents of Earth and the 12,997 countries of the planet with the disinfectant Decon Seven.”

“President Biden is clearly in the pocket of Big Pharma,” Delusion concluded.

“Colombia is the only country that has expressed gratitude to Mr. Miscavige. In 2018, the retired Colombian Police General Mena Bravo awarded Mr. Miscavige a medal for, “saving humanity from violence, evil, terrorism, drug dealings and all the negative factors that threaten it.”

The medal ceremony was held in Barbados and not Colombia,” Delusion observed. “However, this does not mean the ceremony was in any way phony, fraudulent, or unauthorized. And sure, the Colombian Senate was outraged at the so-called ‘unauthorized medal.’ However, the reality is that the Colombian Senate was insanely jealous of Mr. Miscavige’s epic and Christ-like achievement in saving the world.”

Scientology leader David Miscavige is awarded a medal for saving humanity. Each and every person in the world owes David Miscavige an enormous personal debt of gratitude for saving them from certain death. You’re welcome.

David Miscavige ordered Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers to spray Decon 7 all over everything on Earth and kill all of the viruses and germs. This handled the pandemic. But did President Biden thank David Miscavige?


Instead, President Biden blathered on about how mass vaccinations were so great in handling the pandemic. And who makes vaccines? Big Pharma. There is the evidence that Biden is in the pocket of Big Pharma.

Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers sprayed the entire world with Decon Seven. “The world had no choice,” said David Miscavige. “The spraying had to be done because wogs are too stupid to know what’s good for them. We in Scientology are the only ones who know how to help at the scene of an accident or a pandemic.”

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