General Ernesto Ruiz of the National Police is Displeased with Captain Miscavige

General Ernesto Ruiz of the National Police was exceedingly displeased with the small and paltry gift from the IAS.

“$10 million dollars from Captain Miscavige? That’s all? This pig snout of a man insults me! The drug cartels and international bankers pay me much, much, more for my favors and protection,” he complained to his Adjutant Colonel Ruiz.

The General tucked the wire transfer slip into desk drawer. He then ordered Colonel Ruiz to inform Captain Miscavige that the General’s minimum personal appearance fee at a group as odiferous as Scientology was $25 million.

“The damage to my pristine reputation for appearing at a Scientology event requires a substantial premium,” General Ruiz declared. “After all, I am a very esteemed South American Police General.”

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