The Truth Can Now Be Told: Mike Pence is Q!

The truth can now be told: Mike Pence is Q!

Mike Pence proved elusive as the social media psychological warfare operative Q because, in his everyday life, he effected a bland white bread Protestant persona. Pence pretended to be another quickly forgotten and obsequious Vice President like Dan Quayle, Elbridge Gerry, Alben Barkley and the rest of the VP’s no one remembers.

But Pence had a secret life as Q even as he operated right under Donald Trump’s nose and that of Trump’s inner circle.

We in Scientology know this because we set up Pence as Q. We had to do this. Early in his Presidency, Trump threatened to revoke Scientology’s tax exemption. We had to protect our sacred tax exemption. That is when we recruited Mike Pence as our secret Q operative. Pence’s job was to sew mayhem and disinformation within the MAGA movement. Pence had to obey us for reasons that will soon become clear.

Pence was Scientology’s covert operative!

Joy Villa was Scientology’s overt operative designed to take attention off Mike Pence. Our plan worked as Villa and her outlandish couture put the spotlight on herself as she played the fool for Donald Trump. Joy Villa went so far as to ridiculously pose as a Christian in order to fool the MAGA crowd.

Scientologists are not Christians but we are able to easily trick people into believing that a person can be both a Scientologist and a Christian. The proof of this is Scientologist Greta Van Susteren palling around with Franklin Graham.

We in Scientology will have more to say soon. For now, we urge the rank and file QAnon members whom we fooled to report to their nearest Scientology Ideal Org for deprogramming. Once deprogrammed as QAnons, we will reprogram them into good and obedient Scientologists just like Tom Cruise.

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  1. “we urge the rank and file QAnon members whom we fooled to report to their nearest Scientology Ideal Org for deprogramming.”

    This is fantastic. With the Yuge numbers of QAnon members out there getting their data from rabid talk show hosts, conspiracy theory blogs, fraudulent hucksters, prepper salespeople, doomsday cults, snake oil peddlers, dinky dictionaries, Conservapedia, Metapedia, etc. etc. etc. there will be no shortage of False Data Stripping to do. I wish I were kidding here.

    All of this can be done at Flag rates, even at lowly Ideal Orgs, Ideal Missions, Ideal Field Groups and Shadowy Ideal Front Groups. With the hoards of GAT II auditors this task should be completed sometime before the turn of the next century. Then these fools can be routed onto the Student Hat where they can be properly indoctrinated and real Scientologists can collect their FSM commissions.

    PS Is Mike Pence really an OT? Curious thetans want to know…

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