Battlefield Earth: Scientology in Crisis

Dr. L. Ron Hubbard has returned to Earth from Target 2 to help guide Scientology organizations through their darkest hours.

“By mere observation I have seen that David Miscavige has become worse than incompetent,” Dr. Hubbard noted. “He has blown his post and is offlines hiding out from the problems he has created for himself and Scientology. He has no confront, drinks to excess, and has mired Scientology in endless legal problems and felonies.”

“Miscavige cannot clear the phlegm from his throat let alone clear this planet.
I have therefore relieved Miscavige of command and ordered him onto the RPF’s RPF. Miscavige has become so aberrated, squirrel, and wog in his ways that he has refused auditing since 1995. I discovered this personally after reading his pc folders which contain all matter of lurid blood, sex, and actual crime.”

“In the short term I will be running Scientology as ED/INT from my office in St. Hill. A replacement will be appointed soon, and no, it will not be that asshat Tom Cruise.”

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  1. Hello Old Ghost Ron, I regret to inform you that any of the monkeys in the Monkey Room @ St. Hill ,would be far better than you or david were & are at running Scientology . tc wanted the post badly but got Lost In Space. No OT abilities with directions home. 🤑😝

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  2. This is fantastic news!!! Does this mean that some one is going to reinstitute Standing Order #1 so that I can write to Ron? I used to love to write to Ron and get the inside scoop on how things were going “over the rainbow”. I can’t wait to hear his wins on Target Two and see if things are warming up in the Van Allen Belt like they are on our gawdforsaken dirt clod of a planet.


  3. I know hell has reserved seating for DM and his rat pack. No excess luggage of wrongly accumulated cash and real estate permitted.


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