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  1. david is a Snake showing lesser Snakes how to continue to poison the planet with Lies! I can picture this Master of Misery laughing all the way to the bank as he fires up his gazillion dollar computer system to pen orders and nonsense to his bestie thetan mate Tc! What a mess he has made of his lair! Money will buy you things but it will not change Evil to Light. Money only follows the person who controls it. So it does not register evil or good just legal tender for services either rendered or ripped off in The Cult of Scientology’s case. Thank you Jeffrey. 💛💛

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  2. I can vouch for this!!! I once fired up my Commodore 64 Using a phone cradle modem to search for Scientology Media Productions. I typed in SMP and got this gawd awful site called Scientology Money Project. I’m still working my way through Lower Conditions for that.***
    Take my advice people, stick with your Telex machine and you’ll keep your Eternity intact.

    *** I have to say that although the site was terribly Suppressive and I lost a ton of cas gain, it was very interesting …

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