Mystery of High Speed UFO Tracked by US Navy Solved

US Navy F-18 Super Hornets tracked a mysterious UFO recently. A follow up investigation determined that the aerial vehicle was Scientology leader David Miscavige fleeing the service of subpoena in several cases in which he is named as a defendant.

High-def footage taken by the F-18’s was declassified today. Miscavige can clearly be seen cackling as he eludes justice.

“Miscavige seems unaware that he has been served through the Secretary of State’s office,” said a legal representative. “He can fly away on his broomstick all he wants, but we will depose this pompadoured scofflaw. Justice will be served.”

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  1. Does this recent data by the US Navy have anything to do with the rescheduling of the new Tom Cruise Top Gun movie from Summer 2020 to Christmas 2020? That still photo looks remarkably like a C Class Marcabian attack fighter. I understand the plot line from “Top Gun Maverick” has to do with Pete “Maverick” Mitchel batteling Marcabian drone fighters and a wrongful death lawsuit from Goose’s son, who’s now an up and coming naval aviator. There’s a sub-plot about Maverick’s former lover being 1.1 on the Tone Scale too I heard.
    This might be a publicity stunt to sell movie tickets to people other that Sea Org members. Remember. Tom does his own stunts, people in the industry believe he’s the consumate professional and his leading ladies find him utterly charming, even the ones who he’s divorced or become lesbians.

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    • No Ivan no! Stop spreading entheta. There is no truth to the rumors that Top Gun 2 will be worse than Battlefield Earth. There is no damage control or distraction going on here. Top Gun 2 just needs some extensive reworking with a new script, a new film shoot, and a new male lead. Aside from those things, it’s sure to be a big box office draw with a 60 year old male lead.

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  2. This UFO nonsense is Fake News. In fact, using his hand crafted ruby slippers from John Lobb Ltd, Captain Miscavige was able to evade the puny efforts of the Farsec controlled Psychs and their process serving henchmen to continue his noble mission to liberate the oppressed people of Teegeeack from Xenu’s suppression. The Revolution continues!

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