Psych Apocalypse: The Joker Crashes Scientology’s Big Party!

COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige had just been introduced to the crowd. Suddenly, the Joker walked onstage and began to tell the assembled Scientologists that the Church of Scientology was a bad joke.

Scientologists gasped. Had David Miscavige secretly been the Joker all along? Was the joke really on Scientologists after all?

Unable to think with the data, Scientologists fled the giant IAS circus tent in horror.

Scientology had suddenly become far too surreal even for the hardcore OT8’s who had lived through the raids, the lies, the credit card fraud, the arrests, and even GAT II.

This was surely the beginning of the Psych Apocalypse!

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  1. Oh for fuck sakes!!! What a bunch of namby pamby panty-waist dilettantes !!!!! These “Scientologists” are so out-KSW. If for some reason they can’t think with the data they should have immediately busted out their demo kits and dictionaries, twinned up for some metered word clearing and false data stripping and then routed themselves to Qual and crammed each other until their needles floated. After all that they should have another look at this so called Joker and maybe cog that it was COB hisself dressed up as an IAS fundraiser. Everyone knows that COB, just like Ron, loves to mingle with us little beings. In fact, this is what sets Scientology leaders apart from other (fake) ecclesiastical leaders. Those leaders isolate themselves and are out of touch with their members and the world at large. You don’t see the Pope or the Dali Lama with their own TV channel do you?

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    • MBH: In these days of great persecution, Scientologists are all in an incredible state of restim on all dynamics. The Joker appeared onstage at the IAS shindig and *BOOM* there was a massive 3D restim of an earlier similar because XENU IS THE JOKER!

      COB used that OT XLVII data to terrify the group. Once terrified, they donated whatever we in the IAS hadn’t already gotten. Such exigencies are necessary these days. But yes, you’re correct, it was costume fundraising driven by heretofore unseen magnitudes of necessity. COB had to terrify all Scientologists in order to R Factor them on how badly the IAS needs every last penny — and the IAS needs its NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Even though I am just a little being hoping to finish and attest to my ARC Straightwire completion soon, I feel like a bigger being now that I had my fundraising cog. I cogged that Scientology is all about taking in as much cash as possible from every member (and member’s wog associates). That is what makes this such a beautiful (and Kool) religion. Ron has laid out this path to total freedom for all of us. All we need to do is just cough up every last penny we have and make sure CoS, IAS, RTC, CST gets it and puts it to work Clearing this sector of the guh-lax-ee. You see, the only thing in the MEST Universe superior to Theta is Money (and lots of it) so that’s why higher Statuses, shiny objects and bankruptcy are so desirable. It’s all so simple you don’t even have to think anymore. And what a relief it is not to think about not knowing where your next meal is coming from or how soon you’re gonna get yer ass kicked out on the street for not paying rent. Bliss, pure Tone 40 bliss. I can hardly wait to go OT!!!!!!!!!!


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