No Richard No! This Is Not Funny!

In addition to being a source of enemy propaganda on matters of open public record for which there are receipts, the Underground Bunker is also a site that engages in Joking & Degrading.

There is nothing funny about COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige being served a subpoena at the IAS Gala at St. Hill.

What Richard posted at the Underground Bunker has been deemed not funny by we in RTC. Indeed, the wogs at the Bunker are a horrible group of SP’s.

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  1. Just who the fuck is this Richard? Some crim? Some disgusting DB? Some run of the mill wog asshole that is out to denigrate a Big Being like Fleeing Admiral COB RTC Mr. Capt’n David ‘MIA’ Miscaviage? Richard’s shameful conduct directed at one of the world’s great ecclesiastical leaders is beyond disgusting. I hope he returns to his filthy Underground Clunker and starts writing up his O/Dubs so that the Church can have some material with which to Fair Game this chicken shit coward. If not, I’m sure that our OSA goons and wog PI thugs will be glad to have their way with him by picking through his trash cans and recycle bins. That will show him. One has to wonder what this prison planet is coming to when little beings can have a laugh at the expense of Scientology. We’ll just open yet another Ideal Org in Richard’s neighborhood and he will cower as we flourish and prosper like all of the other Ideal Orgs. That will really show this sicko religious bigot!!!


  2. >He has locked himself in his bedroom and won’t come out.

    COB is very busy in the bedrom closet, engaging in non-stop, intense onanism!


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