Secret Details of the Recent OSA Conspiracy Congress Meeting

“Scientology needs a new and better central conspiracy theory!” exclaimed Cult Leader Miscavige.

“Our current story of Xenu capturing everyone, throwing them into volcanoes, and nuking them can’t possibly compete with the exciting mythological big-screen narrative structure offered by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


“Let’s face reality: The 23 movies in the Marvel series have brought in a whopping $22.5 billion at the box office! And what have we in Scientology brought in? $3 billion since 1950! That’s only $43 million a year — and our revenues continue to decline!

“Scientology simply can’t continue to limp along with its old story of Xenu and his billions of nameless, faceless, bland, powerless, and boring BT’s!

Xenu and his BT’s must be replaced by a Scientology universe awash with dozens of new, powerful, and more exciting heroes and super-villains!

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    • It was discovered that the seat of honour for the delegate from the Invisible Illuminati College was a member of the dread Anti-Scientology Cabal. WE ARE SHOCKED! How has the ASC been able to infiltrate a secret meeting of the ultra-secret OSA Conspiracy Congress? These sneaky invisible bastards are sabotaging Scientology from within and without!

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  1. I am sure dm has Tc in a tizzy anticipating his next movie bonanza! Old Ghost Ron just grins away from his hologram as he contemplates a sequel to The Secret of Treasure Island or Revolting in The Stars, that will bring dm and tc down quite a few conditions! Thank you OT8 šŸ˜˜

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    • Old Ghost Ron (OGR) always manifests at the meetings of the secret meetings of the ultra-secret OSA Conspiracy Congress. As a precondition of his manifestation, however, we must place $1 million in cash in the bank account of his trustee Mr. David Miscavige.

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  2. I think we need to get a grip on reality here. So what if the fake Marvel super heroes bring in butt loads more cash than Scientology? Money is just a MEST consideration and everyone knows that Scientology is about spiritual freedom not money or status or shiny objects. These phony Marvel super heroes have no super powers. Xenu has super powers. It is a well documented fact that a person who’s case level is inadequate will surely die of a bad case of the sniffles if they are even exposed to the Xenu story. I mean, how fucking powerful is that?


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