Freedom Magazine: Superman is a Bigot and a Hater!

We at Freedom Magazine denounce Superman as a bigot and a hater. He talks “All American” and “religious tolerance” in his PR, but then attacks the Scientology religion!

Superman’s friends at the Daily Planet, a newspaper funded by Big Pharma ad revenue, have printed lies in which Superman claims that we in Scientology bankrupted his Earth parents; Fair Gamed them when they complained; got his father fired from his job; and drowned the family dog. These baseless allegations are provable bullshit for which there seems to be no proof aside from doctored photos, document forgeries purporting to be issued by OSA, and the statements of bitter defrocked apostates who claimed to have participated in something called “Operation Kryptonite.” Such lies!

We have an alibi in any case. All of us were attending the Freewinds Prosperity Congress when these crimes allegedly occurred. Superman is just out to make money off the former religion of his parents who were long ago expelled from Scientology for serious crimes involving moral turpitude. Furthermore, the Clark’s wild story of adopting a super-child from another planet shows them to be unhinged lunatics.

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  1. In reality isn’t LRH actually Superman. After all he achieved the ability to fly, see with X-ray vision, and other wonderful things that he promised us SPs if we only would get on the bridge.


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