Secret RTC Memo. Burn After Reading


Radar Online has come perilously close to exposing Scientology’s secret underground “Inner Earth” tunnel system that crisscrosses the USA. Our underground bases, complexes, prisons, warehouses, U-Boat bases, and gold depositories must not be discovered! COB’s secret hiding place must not be discovered; nor must the location where COB keeps redacted imprisoned. Tom Cruise’s secret base underground cannot be located or the Marcabs will attack it. OSA must therefore neutralize Radar.

As can be seen on the secret map, the entire Scientology tunnel system converges in the “skeet trap” at Gold Base. This location has been compromised. We must therefore use our HAARP array to create a 4.5 – 5.5 earthquake along the San Jacinto fault and cause enough damage to seal off the entrance and create a new entrance elsewhere.

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  1. Hold on there just a minute, Scientology: most of what’s marked on your map are actually OUR tunnels. You will shortly be receiving a visit from our formidably spade-pawed allies, the Giant Mutant Moles of Abandondero.

    Signed, the Illuminati.

    (c/o Queen Victoria’s Secret Underground Bomb Factory, Somwhere Beneath Gibraltar).

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  2. Radar On Line has broken new ground on Scientology investigations. Now they need to help find the missing crock pot lid from a pot luck supper held at the Valley Org’s Ideal fund raiser in June of 2012. I believe the fund raiser was held specifically for door knobs and light switch covers with a Star Wars or Star Trek theme. The crock pot in question was a GE and held Swedish meatballs. Given those facts, I expect Radar On Line to come through again. Please wash the lid before you return it.


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