Chronic PTSness: Truth Realized in Scientology

We in RTC want chronic PTSness as the normal operating condition of all Sea Org members and publics.

All Sea Org members are expected to be, and do become, PTS to all other Sea Org members. The same is true of all publics.

All Scientologists are basically PTS to all other Scientologists.

The KR, Sec Checks, and the SRD are part of how we maintain this type of chronic and pervasive PTSness and get Scientologists to actually write gushing success stories about it. They think this insanity is their own true self.

At the very top COB has been Type III since 1978 and this is what is needed to hold Scientology together.

Big Beings, you see, have to be insane according to Earth standards. In the world of Scientology’s Big Beings permanent insanity is bliss.

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  1. These things are chronic for sea org members:

    chronic poverty and bankruptcy
    chronic nicotine withdrawal – cannot afford smokes
    chronic hunger due to diet of rice and beans
    chronic fear of being punished or blamed for something
    chronic body odor – cannot afford deodorant, soap, or toilet paper
    chronic anger and depression

    and finally a chronic – how can I escape the hell that is the sea org? Answer – leave; do not route out – just walk away and do not go back – ever.


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