The Obscene Rodent

L. Ron Hubbard, Philadelphia Doggerel Congress, 1955:

The Obscene Rodent is a sleazy old degraded being on the wholetrack. This fellow is very used up and dissipated and so is naturally attracted to degraded groups.

“The Obscene Rodent uses an old carnival trick whereby he pulls fake people out of his ass. He then uses these fake people, these stock photos, to create the appearance that his group is larger than it really is. But actually he has, quite literally, mocked up these fake people and pulled them out of his ass. There’s nothing more to his hocus pocus than that.

“The Obscene Rodent always gets caught with his false reports and false statistics because he has a low IQ and very low OCA scores. The Obscene Rodent is an eternal No Case Gain.”


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