Marcab Implanting Ships Attempt to Menace St. Hill

“Marcab Implanting Ships today attempted to conduct a menacing low-level flyby of Saint Hill,” reported Scientology Civil Defense Warden Ken Delusion. “HCOB called order and all Scientologists immediately assembled and put tractor beams on the marauders!”

“These beasts in their pathetic 25th century technology were no match for Tone 40 Scientologists. All of their ships crashed to Earth and burst into flames!”

“Let this be a lesson to the unholy who would transgress the Sanctum Sanctorum of Scientology!”

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  1. All I can say is that this incident shows off the natural bravery of your average Tone 40 Scientologist. These courageous Thetans used tractor beams without hesitation to avert disaster. A mere cowardly Wog would have employed a pressor beam to repel these nasty Whole Track invaders. Even a Comm Course graduate Scientologist has more confront than a raw meat Wog! This is why the Tech is spreading faster than a reg emptying your wallet seconds before 2:00 on Thursday.

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  2. Implant ships? I’m afraid not. As anyone who has visited Saint Hill will know, these objects don’t come from planet Marcab, but the No. 84 East Grinstead to Crawley bus service, whose hub-caps often fly off as it negotiates the very sharp corner at Saint Hill Green — just out of shot in your picture — especially if driven by Stan ‘Nuvolari’ Spoggis, the mad busman of West Sussex.

    Apparently so very little goes on at Saint Hill these days, that the main occupation of its few remaining inmates is staring vaguely into space in the vain hope of spotting the Seventh Invader Force…

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