Scientology TV Features World’s First OTX Completion!

We in RTC are pleased to announced that Marshall Herff Applewhite, leader of the Heaven’s Gate Church, is the world’s first OTX completion.

When asked by Scientology TV to comment, Applewhite enthused, “I completed both OTIX and OTX in a state exterior from the body; it helped that I had dropped the body back in 1997 after drinking a phenobarbital and vodka cocktail. That drink is almost as yummy as Vistaril, but I digress.

“I did OTIX and OTX at the Van Allen Radiation Belt Org (VARBO).

“They say Flag is the Mecca of Technical Perfection, but I say doing OTIX and OTX exterior from the body at VARBO is sooooo… WOW! Those levels just blow you a million light years out of your head! It’s like KAPOW!

“The meter literally blew up and fell off the table dozens of times. I was having cognition after cognition after cognition. It’s just so… WOW! Just WOW! All I can say is get arrived at VARBO to do OTIX and OTX!

“And thank you to COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige who makes the Church of Scientology possible!”

8 responses to “Scientology TV Features World’s First OTX Completion!

  1. I thought you were serious then until I saw his face!!! Lol

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  2. Did they ever get the air conditioning fixed at VARBO? I remember the founder incessantly complaining about the heat.

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    • Even without a meat body it is very hot in space. Even theta exteriors feel the heat out there in space.

      Fundraising has begun to fix the air conditioning at VARBO. Up there in one needs special $150,000,000 air conditioning units. Solar panels, widgets, special astronaut types of equipment, one-way flow valves, and so on and so forth. Please donate today.

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  3. I thought Jenna Elfman was the first OT 9 & 10, and that these levels have something to do with horses.

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  4. Well blow my charge. Where do I sign up?

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  5. Scientology Mythology


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