Scientology Man: The New Super Hero for the 21st Century!

We at Scientology Media Productions are proud to announce our launch television series: Scientology Man: The New Super Hero for the 21st Century.

Scientology Man is everything a Scientologist in good standing should be:

* Recognizes COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige as the single most important being in the universe

* Regularly increases his IAS statuses

* Not afraid to write KR’s on his family and friends

* Is fully Homo Novis and does get colds or need eyeglasses; is superior to wogs in every way. Can read minds, fly through the air, and kill with an OT death stare

* Ruthlessly puts in Ethics on himself and others

* Brutally handles SP’s as needed

* Has super powers but does not show them off to wogs

* Attends all Scientology events; does not make excuses to avoid events

* Works to destroy Psychiatry, the Psychs, and Psych drugs

* Loves Tom Cruise and sees all of his films; John Travolta not so much

* Regularly increases his IAS statuses

* Use OT powers to find the best parking spots at the mall

* Attacks the ASC and embraces all doctrines of Rathbunology

* Attends all OT Committee meetings

* Volunteers in Central Files for his local Ideal Org

* Is the only one who can help at the scene of accidents

* Knows that LRH was a super secret intelligence agent and war hero

* Does not read entheta online

* Goes “all in” financially for Scientology

* Does not commit face crimes or natter about GAT II

* Spies for OSA when asked to do so

* Takes out new credit cards and loans when asked to do by regges

* Understands that “bankruptcy” is just a dramatization of the wog financial system

* Regularly increases his IAS statuses in each new unit of time

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  1. The Scientology Man was sent to a high security prison planet called earth from his planet Kripton before other corrupt Superbeings took over and annihilated his home planet.

    As you all know, it has taken millions of lifetimes to uncover and put into workable processes researched and developed by the Buddha reincarnate, L Ron Hubbard.

    Now your own personal Super OT recovery, as laid down with precise instructions even a low IQ wog could follow. No more excuses, no more failed study cases. The original OT superpowers are codified and ready, sealed 50 stories below ground and will survive anything Rocket Man could ever throw at us.

    We have amongst us, The first top secret Scientology SuperMan OTXIV! She rolled through the 140 page verification routing form in record time with Senior Intergalactic CS David Miscavige, supervising her case at every step of the way.

    Having worked on experimental processes with Ron himself last lifetime, Super scientifically proving your own Superman Status is just another lifetime or two away! A new OT simplified routing form with just one setup step required, $1,000,000,000 IAS, donation, the only pre-approval required for all future Super OT Levels to yet be released.

    Forget the lethargic struggling to get 10,000 on OT 7, we now only need 1000 pre-approved for final delivery.

    Start your flow now, and will your entire estate to secure your eternity!



  2. Be sure to watch these exciting new shows on the Scientology channel:

    Slave Beatings – COB beats a different Sea Org slave every day

    Give us ALL your money NOW! – COB reminds you that you should donate everything

    Scientologist profile – profiles of scientologists like Danny Masterson

    It’s the fault of the Psychs! – shows that everything bad is cause by those evil psychs!


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