Scientology: Buggery on the High Seas!

The motor vessel Freewinds will be the location of Scientology Media Productions first feature film Buggery on the High Seas.

Based on a screenplay by L. Ron Haddock, the film features “rum and sodomy, pinks and grays, and going OTVIII on a three-needle-swing ride to infinity!”

Volunteers are needed as extras for a crowd scene in which the depraved Psycholos bugger everyone on the ship. The film stars Scientologist John Travolta who reprises his role as Terl, the security chief in Battlefield Earth.

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  1. I hope the new SuMP casting director, Mr Ken Delusion ASC will not overlook the rising star Ms Joy Villa for a major role in this exciting production. She is not only an acclaimed recording artist but also Congress considered, Emmy considered and experienced in bondage and allied trades.

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  2. This should finally quell the nasty comments that have been made by SPs on the internet regarding the supposed Sea Organization practice of overboarding. In the description of this film, I saw no mention of overboarding. If it isn’t written it isn’t true, so says the Flounder, LRH. So there you nasty SPs!!!!!!!

    While there may be real depictions of sodomy, and that might seem out-2D, it is only an analogy for reg cycles that Scientologists in good standing get to enjoy on a regular basis. This might mean that the film will get an R rating. However, the International Justice Chief has approved this film for viewing by small children who are potential Sea Org members because the buggery depicted in the film will be nothing compared to what they will experience when they do join the Sea Org.

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      • Will the “Sec Checks and Sodomy” include real sodomy or just the mental image picture sodomy that one gets after a gang bang sec check or a reg cycle. I mean, it’s one thing to get fucked over by your confessor and registrar, but quite another thing to actually get a good and rough butt fucking. One leaves you with spiritual gain and the other leaves you with just a sore ass. Not sure which…

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  3. How many dollars do the volunteers need to contribute to be an extra? Would it be possible to transfer money on account for course work for this opportunity? I know it’s a stretch, will John Travolta be signing autographs afterwards? By any chance, will David Miscavige and Tom Cruise be there to watch? What an opportunity for Scientologists!

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    • Scientology Media Productions is charging Scientologists $56.00 per day. Of course, there is a contract all Scientologists must sign agreeing to Ecclesiastical Sodomy, i.e. regging. As far as COB is concerned, Ecclesiastical Sodomy is where the real money is. The $56.00 per day is just to pay for the rice and beans at meal breaks.

      JT will not sign autographs. COB and TC will be there directing. There is a specific COB advice on how to keep sodomy working and COB wants it followed. The advice is called KSW.

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  4. SMP had better watch out for a plagiarism suit from Tinto Bareassi, the producer of “Rum, Bum and Concertina” (originally released as “I pederasti di Taranto”).

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    • We in RTC would have thought that you Britishers with your same sex boarding schools would be celebrating this film. Winston Churchill, “…when Winston was at the Admiralty, the Board objected to some suggestion of his on the grounds that it would not be in accord with naval tradition. ‘Naval tradition? Naval tradition?’ said Winston. ‘Monstrous. Nothing but rum, sodomy, prayers and the lash.’

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  5. Danny Masterson has a starring role, demonstrating his famous donkey punch! COB has a cameo, engaging in his favorite activities: SCOHB and beating Sea Org slaves!

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