Scientologist Joy Villa Wears a “Choose Fife” Dress to the Grammys

Saying she felt Deputy Barney Fife of the Mayberry Sheriff’s Department embodied the best in MAGA values, Scientology celebutard Joy Villa wore a “Choose Fife” dress to the 2018 Grammys.

The Grammy-considered celebutard and faux-Christian plunged from the spotlight after her exploratory Congressional campaign imploded in a cloud of self-inflicted lunacy compounded by incessant Scientology meddling.

Of course, Joy’s latest dress is just another clutching and desperate attempt by a Scientologist to get some attention after having sunk into complete irrelevance. In this respect, Joy Villa is a microcosm of we in the Church of Scientology as we frantically claw for relevance in a world that either laughs at us or ignores us.

Joy Villa’s next signing engagement will be at the House of Pancakes in Sylmar where she will entertain the Valley OT Committee. Admission is $125.00 and includes breakfast.


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    • Joy Villa does not know how to read. But does this really matter in liberal wog politics where soundbites and defending sodomites is more important than literacy? Bring Joy to Congress: The House needs a Scientology Celebutard in office!


  1. We asked a completely random group of typical Americans for their opinions on Ms Villa’s stunning ensemble:

    David M. (World ecclesiastical leader) “Whoose dat broad and why are all the SP’s laffing at her. She needs a good sec-check!”

    Nancy C. (Housewife and Royal Governor) “She doesn’t look like a princess to me and being royalty myself, I can always spot a commoner.”

    Kirstie A. (Actress and super star) “Such timeless elegance and style. Reminds me of myself.”

    Marty R. (ex-apostate and quantum physicist) “There’s plenty of space on that dress to advertise my latest erudite work.”

    Grant C. (Mercantile expert and VIP) “With some training from my University she could market her voice and fashion sense 10 X better!”

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    • “Marty R. (ex-apostate and quantum physicist) β€œThere’s plenty of space on that dress to advertise my latest erudite work.”
      Haha. Good one Andrew. “quantum physicist” indeed. πŸ™‚


    • Andrew, you are obviously a Psych Implanter awash in J&D. Accordingly, we in RTC have formed a social betterment group CCAA: Concerned Citizens Against Andrew.

      We in CCAA feel that you are a menace to Scientology and need to be deported back to Farsec from whence you came.

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  2. COB here, so listen the f’ck up!
    Some f’cking SP sabotaged my f’cking comment:
    “Admission is $125.00 and includes breakfast.”
    Thats a big ass f’cking CICS’ing misprint, as the last f’cking time I attended a f’cking Valley Org OT f’cking committee breakfast, the f’cking admission was $125,000 f’cking dollars and f’cking breakfast was f’cking EXTRA!”
    It seems stats are slipping and these OT f’cking hosts are CICS and should be RPF’d to the f’cking kitchen f’cking immediately, where they could at least f’cking cook me some f’cking eggs!
    For $125,000 no less – and they better be f’cking over-f’cking easy too, f’cking wog-like bastards!
    Keerist, do I f’cking have to do every f’cking thing around here for you f’cking people?!!!


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