A Message from Scientology Leader David Miscavige to Joy Villa:

How dare Joy Villa think it was okay to “play down” Scientology to a bunch of Trump-loving MAGA wogs! How are Joy pretend to be a Christian when she knows that the only path to salvation is to handle her millions of body thetans on the OT levels!

Joy Villa even managed to get herself banned from FOX for life! This proves she has evil purposes to harm Scientology as her shenanigans made Scientology, once again, the laughingstock of the internets. COB is angry, real angry, right here and right now! COB has placed Joy into ENEMY, revoked her Clear cert, and has ordered her to redo her entire Bridge from the Purif forward nine times at her own expense.

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  1. This demonstrates just how fair and thoughtful Captain Miscavige is. Many other world ecclesiastical leaders would have cancelled Joy’s eternity for ever and given her no chance of spiritual redemption! Thank you COB.

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  2. Well my take is miscavige looks like a petrified Lizard, trying to avoid the Sunlight of Truth about his entire operation of the cult of Scientology. OT8 throws out great bait! And catches the biggest Fish! Or Lizards in this case!🦎🦎💛

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