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Scientologist Juliette Lewis Shows Her Amazing OT Insanity

Scientologist Joy Villa Wears a “Choose Fife” Dress to the Grammys

Saying she felt Deputy Barney Fife of the Mayberry Sheriff’s Department embodied the best in MAGA values, Scientology celebutard Joy Villa wore a “Choose Fife” dress to the 2018 Grammys.

The Grammy-considered celebutard and faux-Christian plunged from the spotlight after her exploratory Congressional campaign imploded in a cloud of self-inflicted lunacy compounded by incessant Scientology meddling.

Of course, Joy’s latest dress is just another clutching and desperate attempt by a Scientologist to get some attention after having sunk into complete irrelevance. In this respect, Joy Villa is a microcosm of we in the Church of Scientology as we frantically claw for relevance in a world that either laughs at us or ignores us.

Joy Villa’s next signing engagement will be at the House of Pancakes in Sylmar where she will entertain the Valley OT Committee. Admission is $125.00 and includes breakfast.



Did someone mention Scientology media whores?

Chief Ferocious Jew & Squaw Hot Momma

File under: You can’t make this stuff up! The Church of Scientology and its members frequently deliver bigotry, racism, vulgarity, profanity, footbullets, and stupidity on a silver platter. No one needs to caricature the Church of Scientology when Scientologists do such a good job of making a complete mockery of Scientology all by themselves.

Example: Scientology OT’s Bodhi and Jenna Elfman continue on with their campaign to prove they  have become irrelevant celebutards. In a New Year’s day tweet, Bodhi Elfman has engaged in the worst stereotyping of Native Americans to tweet greetings from “Chief Ferocious Jew & Squaw Hot Momma.”


More Scientology OT Racism: In the video below of the Squirrel Busters attacking Marty Rathbun at LAX, Scientologist Izzy Chait speaks to Marty beginning @ 3:33 concerning Scientology’s Inglewood Org: “Don’t fucking talk to me about Inglewood! I started Inglewood… there was never any fucking Black people in the Church before…don’t talk to me about schwartzes*…if you want to talk about Black people or the Nation of Islam or Inglewood, I’m the man to talk to and ask the questions….”

*schwartze: A German word meaning “black”, but was incorporated into American Jewish slang to be a derogatory term towards black people .If you are black and someone uses the word “schwartze” in their conversation in your general direction, chances are he shooting racial slurs at you.

In one of her 2015 YouTube videos (below) Jenna Elfman declared that she would “blow a horse” if she could stay home and watch Netflix all day. See below at 15:26:

This video is a nice complement to Scientology celebutard Juliette Lewis showing just how theta and OT she can be:

In addition to being a Scientology actor, Juliette Lewis is also is a famous OT singing sensation:


Scientology OT’s Grant and Elena Cardone have shown us their high ARC to wogs everywhere:


Scientology OT goodwill ambassador Kirstie Alley is right there with the Cardone’s in saying “fuck you” to anyone who does not care for Scientology:


Scientologist Danny Masterson said in his 2015 Paper magazine interview that Scientology critics can go fuck themselves. The Huffington Post and many other outlets picked up on Danny Masterson’s OTness:

In an exclusive Los Angeles Times story by Kim Christensen, it was revealed that David Miscavige had his two private investigators following his father. The PI’s called Miscavige to let him know that his father was apparently having a heart attack and asked if they should intervene. Miscavige said no. “If he dies he dies,” said David Miscavige about his own father. We know this happened because the two PI’s were later arrested with guns, a silencer, and a horde of ammunition. In order to beat a felony charge for the silencer, the PI’s apparently told the police everything. A police officer is shown in the photo below  holding the silencer the PI’s had on a semiautomatic rifle:

Tony Ortega, Vanity Fair, and many other outlets reported on the story. Through his sockpuppet Karin Pouw, Miscavige declared the entire story “proveable bullshit.” Vanity Fair received this response from Miscavige’s attorney Lee Hertzberg:

So let me be clear: No such conversation with Mr. Miscavige ever took place and any claim that one did is provable bullshit.”

All of this goes back to Scientology OT Tom Cruise’s 2004 Rolling Stone interview:

He lists some of Scientology’s selling points: its drug-abuse, prison-rehabilitation and education programs. “Some people, well, if they don’t like Scientology, well, then, fuck you.” He rises from the table. “Really.” He points an angry finger at the imaginary enemy. “Fuck you.” His face reddens. “Period.”

And who can forget 2014’s memorable scene with top Scientology executives Jenny Linson, Dave Bloomberg, and Marc Yager attacking Marty Rathbun at LAX? If Jenny Linson acted this way in a secular corporation she would be immediately terminated for cause. However, as she works for David Miscavige she can behave in this inexcusable manner:

For more about Scientologists behaving badly see: The Church of Scientology: A rollicking legacy of belligerence, profanity, paranoia, and violence.

Scientology Actor Juliette Lewis Named 2016 OT Goodwill Ambassador

Scientology Actor Juliette Lewis Named 2016 OT Goodwill Ambassaor!


In addition to being a famous actor, Juliette Lewis is also is a famous OT singing sensation:



Scientologist Juliette Lewis Uses Psych-Funded Media to Attack Psych-Funded Media


Scientology thespian and rock star Juliette Lewis entertains the wog masses.

Scientology OT Juliette Lewis today used Psych-funded media to attack Psych-funded media.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, a publication wholly owned and controlled by the Psychs, Juliette Lewis revealed what actually happened when Tom Cruise was attacked way back in 2005:

Scientology OT Tom Cruise attacked by the Psych media for speaking out against Psych drugs.

Scientology OT Tom Cruise was attacked by the Psych media for speaking out against Psych drugs.

“I’’ll get all conspiratorial on you, and I’m just going to throw this out: The mainstream media is funded by pharmaceutical companies, so when you have the biggest movie star in the world at the time—Tom Cruise—coming out against anti-depressants and Ritalin and just saying, ‘Hey, why don’t you put a warning label on there?’

Captain David Miscavige is the supreme ecclesiastical leader of this sector of the galaxy.

Captain David Miscavige is the supreme ecclesiastical leader of this sector of the galaxy.

“The thing about Scientology is it is anti-drug in that you’re seeking relationship or communication tools—simple basics on how to live better. So, when Tom came out about that, I’ve never seen someone get torn down so hard, and they still brutalize him with Scientology pieces to this day. It’s a religious philosophy and self-help movement. And you’ll never see a truthful word written about it in mainstream media.”

We in RTC knew all of this in 2005 when it happened. We are, frankly speaking, rather disturbed that Juliette Lewis is such a slow student and took nine years to figure it out. Tom could have used her help way back in 2005 when he was actually being attacked.