The Horror!

Having returned home unexpectedly early from a business trip, New OVIII Juanita Romero walked into her bedroom that night and caught her husband Roberto watching… Scientology and the Aftermath!

4 responses to “The Horror!

  1. Roberto said to Juanita, “There is so much about me you do not know about me Juanita. I have destroyed populations civilizations on the wholetrack!”


  2. Her TRs just fell off the Abyss! Oh the Absolute Horror because as a newly minted and I mean that literally OT8 she has also just discovered her powers are Invisible and she is up the creek with no boat and no paddle! Love You the Real OTx One Trillion!💛


  3. Is it possible that just like the Super Bowl, Roberto was watching Scientology and the Aftermath just for the commercials?


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