Scientologist Charles Manson

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  1. Hip, hip, hooray for Charlie!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a perfect example of how a shadowy Scientology front group, Criminon, can bring about lasting and positive change for Mankind. Charlie is a shining example of how your average crim can be turned into an OT!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see some SP try and suppress the likes of Charlie!!!
    Rumor has it that Charlie has a special affinity for doing Touch Assists on special cellmates but he has been sent to Qual several times for being a little rough. He is also restricted to doing only Book One auditing. He gets a strange glimmer in his beady little eyes when the process R-45 is mentioned and is unable to keep his PCs in session.

    P.S. I LOVE his cool forehead tat. Charlie is not one to shy away from boldly announcing his political affiliations. I bet he makes our President proud. Is there a pardon in Charlie’s future? If it works for Sheriff Joe it can work for Charlie. It’s not too late to make America Great Again!!!!!!!!!


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