New Senior Management Team Appointed at Flag


The New Flag Management Team L – R: Nigel Fremont; Dr. Stanley H. D. Dumont; Chester Hillsborough; David Vickers

Captain David Miscavige has appointed a tough new and aggressive non-Scientology Senior Management team at Flag:

Nigel Fremont CO FLB: After spending decades in the CIA fomenting violent revolutions in the Middle East, Nigel is perfectly equipped to brutally crush any threatened mutiny, backflash, counter-intention, or natter at Flag. Nigel became LRH’s CIA handler after MC retired.

Dr. Stanley H. D. Dumont Snr C/S Int, a psychiatrist who lost his license for running a Siberia-style prison camp for MI6 where forced lobotomies and ECT were performed, Dr. Dumont brings his unique and ruthless “case cracking” talents to Flag. Scientologists will henceforth be cleared and gotten up and onto SOLO NOTs in record times or else!

Commander Chester Hillsborough RTC Rep Flag: Widely feared in the intelligence for his enhanced interrogation techniques. Should you be ordered to report to Commander Hillsborough for a “metered sec check” you will much be better off fleeing the country in terror and going into permanent hiding.

Lieutenant Commander David Vickers: An expert in international money laundering, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, embezzlement, offshore banking, and structuring cash deposits, Captain Vickers will help you find a way to pay for your entire Bridge now. If you refuse to cooperate on financial arrangements you will be ordered to report to Commander Hillsborough for a metered sec check.

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    • Tipping??? You’ve got to be shitting me ivanmapother. If a Scientologist has enough money left for a tip after a visit with Lieutenant Commander David Vickers, they obviously have withholds. That would mean an automatic visit with Commander Chester Hillsborough RTC Rep Flag. After said visit & gentle ” metered sec check”, one would surely be ready for a visit with Dr. Stanley H. D. Dumont Snr C/S Int so one could route directly onto Solo NOTS for the mind fuck of this or any other life time. Are we winning yet??? Once one is winning on Solo NOTS, one is automatically eligible to meet with Nigel Fremont CO FLB and sign on for a billion or so years as OSA Staff. Only someone who has become completely unable, demented, soulless, mindless, lock steppish and perpetually apathetic is qualified for these elite posts safeguarding the Tech so others can have the gains available only to true KSW Scientologists. On second thought, maybe tipping is a good thing and sure fire route to the top of the Bridge to Total Freedom and a darn good job. Carry on ivanmapother!!!!!!!!!

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  1. And the greatest treat of all, you otiiiisgrrr8 pull all their strings. In other words bring the cult down from the inside and make those in charge destroy each other. Ann that is wicked! 😎😘

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