Only Scientology Offers Beam Weapon Protection


Only Scientology can protect you from NWO beam weapon attacks. These attacks seek to implant or kill you. This is why it is imperative that you report to your nearest Ideal Org today for a free beam weapon scan.

If you have been the victim of an NWO beam weapon attack, only Scientology has the exact technology needed to depolarize your overcharged neurons. Once your neurons are stabilized, Scientology auditing can bring you to a state of sanity and intelligence you’ve never known.

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  1. Well this certainly explains a lot. I’m going to have my voluminous stack of PC folders reviewed by RTC. Maybe now I will be able to get a proper can squeeze done and FINALLY complete ARC Straightwire after 27 intensives. I might as well do yet another Purif while I’m at it. I really want to return to a state of intelligence I’ve never known.

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  2. >free beam weapon scan

    Those are sure to be more popular and bring in more new victims, oops potential new members, than that stale old personality test! COB says so it must be true!

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  3. “Only Scientology has the exact technology needed to depolarize your overcharged neurons.” Kathy Griffin should check this out. In the video we saw yesterday, her neurons looked way overcharged.

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  4. One other point: it is well know that tinfoil hats protect the wearer from these beams, they work better than $cientology, and they are ultra-cheap. COB can’t compete with cheap.

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