World’s First Scientology OT X Completion!

“Scientologist and IAS Patron Mega Chromium Excelsis Irma Jean Dinwiddie of Clearwater has become the world’s first OT X completion,” announced Snr C/S Int Davis Jackinoff.

“Following Irma Jean’s completion of OT X, we at Flag had her cryogenically frozen in RTC Freezer Unit 2 at Trementina Base. All OT X completions will be frozen in this same way. OT X’s will only be unfrozen and reanimated when the planet is stable enough to handle their power.”

“Captain David Miscavige has stated that this means there must be 10,000 people up and onto SOLO NOT’s before the OT X’s can be unleashed upon the world. If you are not on SOLO NOT’s you need to get onto the level as soon as possible to save the planet from thermonuclear Armageddon!” declared Snr C/S INT.

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  1. This is why OT 3 was so important. Without the tech to get through when thetans were frozen and boxed up in boxes we could not be able to undergo this process of being frozen again.

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  2. What a chill thrill through the ages! Pay through the nose to get those glitter ball OTs and then pay thousands more to keep the freezers freezing until whoever is sorry assed enough to follow in dms screwups will inherit a cult with all members in cold storage. And for another $100,000 or so an expert ice sculptor will crave your frozen likeness on dms kiddie table. XO OT8…💛

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  3. That is the true OT eye contact…I should know I lived with “the Wasband” for 27 years; and that was his look most of the time. He is OT 8 i think. Except when he was sleeping; or during sex? Not sure I kept my eyes closed and waited for it to be over!


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