Two Scientologists on the Same Day


While COB RTC David Miscavige’s dictatorship of the Church of Scientology is a fraudulent narrative from beginning to end, perhaps the clearest and most glaring lies concern his cover-up of his own acts are those concerning the death of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. And those lies set the stage for his ruinous leadership of the Church of Scientology that continues unchecked to this very day.

At the very time (the same day) that Scientology OTVII Tom Cruise was finalizing his third divorce – and this was a divorce caused by the fact that Cruise’s wife literally had to escape from a marriage dominated by OT control freak Tom Cruise, the violent pompadoured narcissist David Miscavige was opening a completely useless Church of Scientology in Israel in a landmark building in Jaffa.

This same landmark building in Jaffa was the one over which David Miscavige associate Gur Finklestein was arrested and indicted on eleven charges, “including attempted murder, sabotage, attempted sabotage, causing damage with explosives, arson, conspiring to commit a crime and aggravated assault.

The lesson here is simple: David Miscavige is infinitely more horrible than Scientology humanitarian Tom Cruise. Tom only plays bad guys in movies; David Miscavige is a bad guy in real life. BTW, this is one of our favorite scenes from a Tom Cruise movie for it shows how a Scientology OT humanitarian hitman would have perfect TR’s during a hit:

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  1. When OT8 is called away due to some Hill 10 flapping flap and Mr. Augustine sits in as guest host, the entheta level rises to an enturbulating catgegory 5. Satire can be laughed off, but facts are stone cold.

    To combat the enturbulation, we offer our version of stone cold:

    “Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, We’re the church of Scientology, We make dreams come true”

    Don’t you feel better now?


  2. Wow! Ya’ got me there Captain Whostolemycog. That David Pomeranz video shattered my suppression. It was like *WHOOSH!* All suppression shattered instantly.

    What I was parodying in this blog post was the Cult’s smear website on Ron Miscavige. Here is what I posted over at the Bunker:

    The Scientology smear site on Ron Miscavige provides a very rare glimpse into the self-absorbed mind of cult leader David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology. By turns self-incriminating, vile, laughable, puerile, and utterly sycophantic, the website takes itself very seriously. In doing so, the website comes off as a North Korean propaganda vehicle in which the Dear Leader is praised and all traitors are condemned. The website lends itself to parody because it is quite cartoonish in places and reads like badly antiquated and racist WWII propaganda.

    What stood out to me is the poor quality of the Ron Miscavige smear website as compared to the smear website on Lawrence Wright. The Wright smear website was a chapter-by-chapter attack on Wright’s book Going Clear that attempted to look like a mini-dissertation. However, investigation shows the Cult’s responses to Wright to be merely a series of denials as opposed to actual evidence. Likewise, the smear website on Alex Gibney was far more detailed. In both cases, the work of Wright and Gibney is not refuted in any way. On the contrary, what is affirmed is the Scientology Cult’s willingness to engage in paranoid and angry smear campaigns guided by Hubbard’s diktat of Fair Game.

    What is telling is that the Scientology Cult did not sue the publisher St. Martin’s and instead contented itself with an attack on the book as a literary forgery. However, this accusation fails as no specific evidence of forgeries are produced. Rather, the Cult once again issues heated denials. The pattern has become clear: Threaten with lawsuits, do not sue, and then create a tawdry smear website that is self-indicting and lunatic in nature.

    One very petty example: Ron Miscavige writes the food at Gold Base was slop — something we have read and heard many times from former Gold Base crew. The fact is that the Cult spends less per day on food for Sea Org than does the State of California on food for prison inmates. Nevertheless, David Miscavige has Gold Base respond by showing us how great the kitchen is while blathering on about organic meat and fresh-baked bread. But these denials are not evidence that, on a long-term basis, the food at Gold Base is not slop. Rice and beans and other slop can be cooked in the gleaming stainless steels pots and pans of a David Miscavige designed kitchen.

    Most tellingly, and once again, David Miscavige does not make an appearance anywhere on any the Ron Miscavige smear website or any of the Cult’s smear websites. Rather, COB RTC remains in hiding and has others do his dirty work for him. This speaks volumes about the cowardice of David Miscavige. He is never anywhere out in front leading. Instead, he retreats behind a wall of video testimonials praising him. And yet these videos are so blatantly obvious as to comprise a Cultic Theater of the Absurd.

    One more item on my list: The Norman Starkey video is atrocious. Starkey is truly a repulsive skin-crawling character. If David Miscavige and Norman Starkey are supposed to stand as the exemplars of Scientology gravitas then the top echelon of the Sea Org is populated by Scientology creepy Scientology toadies who serve the demented crime boss David Miscavige.


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