Alien Spaceship Crashes in Hollywood!



“He just won’t stop talking!” exclaimed Ken Delusion, CO OSA INT Space Alien Incarceration Unit. “This alien blathers on and on and on all day and night and incessantly demands expensive scotch!”

“We’re readying an Ideal Spaceship to send him back to the Mars implant station where he came from before he drinks the Church broke!”

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  1. The Las Vegas Ideal Org & Humanitarian Casino is searching for someone to do two shows a night in their Ideal Chapel/Showroom. Let’s put him to work!

    No “Rat Pack” here….just “The Rat”, a comedian and real wise guy to boot. Wait until you hear him deliver his take on the Henny Youngman standard, “Take my wife…please…and lock her up behind an electrified fence in a forced labor camp way up in the mountains. That’s some Scientology humor for you right there folks. You know Xenu is behind an electrified fence too…but he ain’t workin and he ain’t my wife. Don’t leave now…I’m only getting started…”

    Ideal Gold Pajamas are available for all members who increase their IAS status before 2:00 PM tomorrow.


    • I just flew in from Target Two and boy are my arms tired!

      Jenna and Bodhi are a fastidious couple. She’s fast and he’s hideous.

      COB and Shelly have a truly royal marriage. Too bad for her he’s Henry the 8th!

      Kirstie Alley was at the beauty shop for two hours. That was only for the estimate.

      You’e a great crowd! Remember to tip your Sea Org waiters!

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  2. It’s obviously Xenu!! All hail Xenu!! He’s come to conquer earth — again, and drink up the entire stock of liquor on the planet while he’s here.


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