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  1. “So Tommy”, I says. “WTF is a body thetan?” And he just stares at me. So I says, “Wait a minute….Tommy, you’re not still into that Science religion are you…you know, the one with what’s his name….Xemu?

    And he just stared at me. Completely zany that guy is.


    • And then Tommy Cruise sez to me, he sez, “Monique Yingling! Now there’s a real wog nutjob with her eyes rolled up into her head likes she’s havin’ a brain seizure or sumthin’!” What a zany guy that Tommy Cruise is!


  2. I’m still waiting for COB to submit proof that he has rid himself of all body thetans. Without this his claim to the legitimate leader of the world’s most rapidly expanding religion is suspect at best.


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