Scientology Volunteer Ministers Handbook: Rule #3


It has been found that touch assists do not work at the scene of mob hits. Moreover, it is Out PR for the Scientology Volunteer Minister to be seen or photographed at a crime scene. The Church of Scientology already has enough bad PR; VM’s should not add to it by loitering around crime scenes handing out copies of The Way to Happiness.

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  1. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!! It is a well known and established fact that Touch Assists work 100% of the time on 100% of the people who receive them from a caring Volunteer Minister. I know this cuz Ron sez so. In writing!!!! And I’m not talking about that evil Ron that shows up when you click the hyperlink in this deceptive post.

    You see, it’s not that Touch Assists don’t work, it’s just the the process run at the scene of the mob hit is far superior to a Touch Assist. R-45 is one of the most effective processes out there for exteriorizing a thetan and isn’t exteriorization what we are shooting for? The trouble with R-45 is that besides being a bit messy – once the EP is reached, there is no meat-sack left to reg for the next level or IAS Status. And, it’s virtually impossible to get a success story written by the PC even though their wins and gains are obvious to even the most dense and ignorant wog.


    • Ms. B. Haven, we in RTC are certain there must be some lost Tech on what you are saying here because your logic is flawless. We have sent RTRC on a mission to find the lost Tech of “R2 as an approved form of touch assist” as COB and OSA could really use this ecclessiastical Tech during these attacks we are experiencing. We are quite certain that if a few troublemakers were exteriorized by R2-45 all of the entheta, yapping, and attacks would stop.


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