Church of Scientology: The Future in 2018


Scientology 2018: David Miscavige almost succeeded in his diabolical mission to deprive humanity of Scientology. Miscavige and his criminal cohorts in OSA were only stopped by Sea Org member and OTVIII Mr. Ken Delusion who found and exposed their crimes in 2017.

Delusion acted with speed.

He declared David Miscavige and SP and forced this wholetrack criminal into a lifetime exile on Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico. Delusion next dismantled OSA and sent that batch of wholetrack criminal suppressives into a lifetime RPF’s RPF on a remote island owned by RTC from where they cannot escape. Mankind is now safe from the depredations of David Miscavige and OSA

Following his heroic actions in saving the Church of Scientology, duly convened and legal Boards of Directors elected Delusion to be the new COB RTC. These Boards then voted to quadruple-hat Mr. Delusion as COB RTC, CO CMO INT, Chairman WDC, and ED/INT. This “Consolidation of 2017” served to ensure that a single nefarious SP, a lunatic on the grassy knoll of RTC, cannot take power from RTC while secretly running CSI. Mr. Delusion is now fully accountable for running everything and cannot use OSA as a via as did the criminal David Miscavige.

Delusion and the Boards next created the Department of Oversight Governance Superintendency (DOGS) to safeguard the Church and indeed all of Scientology. The purpose of DOGS is to assist Delusion in safeguarding Scientology by finding and terminatedly handling hidden SP’s in the Church. All KR’s and “Things That Shouldn’t Be” reports will now to go to Delusion’s DOGS.

The lie David Miscavige spread, the false why for Scientology not working and auditors not being made, was that lavish and unnecessary new buildings were necessary. This “Ideal Org” program was designed by David Miscavige to waste the time and money of Scientology by deceiving them into believing that MEST was the answer.

Mr. Delusion spotted this lie and has ended the Ideal Org Deception. These useless and empty buildings are being sold off and will be replaced by hundreds of smaller and more modest buildings. Delusion has also promised that Staff and Sea Org pay will be increased as soon as Miscavige’s phony Taj Mahal’s can be sold off.

Finally, Delusion today unveiled the David Miscavige Repair Rundown.

This is a Flag only auditing action designed to repair the damage done to a person mentally and spiritually by David Miscavige, an SP who was sent in to destroy the Church of Scientology and all of the churches of Scientology and social betterment groups in the Scientology ecclesiastical hierarchy.

David Miscavige used destructive implanting techniques and offbeat fundraising practices that sold statuses instead of auditing. It is necessary to undo the harmful effects of David Miscavige before Scientologists can make adequate progress in Scientology auditing.

All remaining 612 public Scientologists are ordered to Flag to do the David Miscavige Repair Rundown. Mr Delusion has ordered a 25% price reduction to make this 32-56 week program affordable.

Delusion has shattered all suppression; nuked all hidden data lines; cancelled all arbitraries; and has, at last, blown all the stops to 100% speed up the Bridge! Your eternity is now guaranteed!

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  1. OMG!! What a sad story. At the same time, it is indeed comforting General Delusion has found it within his means to grant ecclesiastical healing to all 612 members of “The Hole”, the only remaining Scientologists on earth.


  2. There are still 612 $cientologists left? More like 62, after the countless suppressive acts of ultra-evil, super-villain Captain David Miscavige!


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